Sunday, October 1, 2023

Finding Home

 collage by Margaret Bednar

Finding Home

Mother adored her books of Somerset, England, 
vintage portrait album close at hand; 
I'd search their features for hints of mine,
Lyfords, Hutchins, Beckingtons;
serious gazes and stories 
I now tuck away.

In my heart resides 
the red and pink roses 
that graced the side of our house,
quilts and kittens, faithful dogs
that never left mother's side.

And books.  Her love of books.
Reading to me, Black Beauty, 
perhaps second only to
Child's Garden of Verses; 
sometimes close my eyes at night,
hear her rythmic voice.  

Home.  I'm glad it's easy 
to find my way home. 

by Margaret Bednar, October 1, 2023


Jim said...

Mothers make the home, you are really good at that. I wish my mother had been alive when we visited the Isle of Man, her ancestors came to the U.S. from there. We were able to find a lady whose maiden name was our families on mom's side, "Corkhill".

kaykuala said...

Reading to me, Black Beauty,
perhaps second only to
A Child's Garden of Verses;

Certainly, one lucky person given to reading and all its goodness at an early age! It shows in great write-ups from you, Marge!


Jinksy said...

Black Beauty was one of the first books i was able to read for myself, so its title sends my thoughts flying back to childhood. I cried at the sad parts first time around, and many times after, when I re-read it!
But the first four years of my life, were overshadowed by World War ll. There were no cosy 'bedtime stories', but I do remember in the Anderson Shelter, as I sat on my Mum's lap, she managed to keep her voice steady, as she read me stories of Mary Mouse and a Doll's House Family...The 'Daddy' doll was a sailor, the same as my real father, so Mum deserved a medal for never allowing me to become scared, as she must have been as bombs exploded around us...

Yvonne Osborne said...

Beautifully written, Margaret! A Child's Garden of Verses was a favorite of my children. What a gift, to have a mother who loved to read and read to you.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, that's lovely! (Especially your conclusion.) I was brought up on A Child's Garden of Verses, from very young childhood, but it was my father who read to us.

Marja said...

Beautiful Love it to just to close your eyes and be home and in the world of books

rallentanda said...

They were the books of my childhood too. I don't remember anyone reading to me,although my mother must have. I devoured books. I could read at about 5. I was given so many books for birthdays Christmas and religious feast days that I remember my mother complaining that I would reaad them all so quickly she couldn't keep up with the supply. Your lovely comfortable childhood shines through your poem. Enjoyed it very much. said...

How wonderful to close your eyes and be home. It sounds wonderful, and I love that collage!