Monday, February 28, 2011

How about a back scratch? 151/365

These fun photos are for the new photo challenge: "Movement in March".  Doesn't a nice back scratch sound good to you?  I had a super busy weekend and was able to quickly squeeze in a poem on Sunday.    I tried to squeeze in looking at all the blogs I follow right before bed on my IPad.  Alas, I fell asleep pretty quickly.  I am SUPER DUPER busy these next couple of days and will be visiting all your amazing blogs soon.   Of course, my husband knows how busy I am and when did he choose to come home yesterday?  The first few moments I carved a bit of time to be on my blog.  Go figure!  He didn't say anything, just raised an eyebrow...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One Shoot Sunday- "Royal Wounds", Haiku-"The Journey", 150/365

My daughter and I were inspired to go "treasure" hunting at Goodwill due to Tess Kincaid of Willow Manor's post (HERE).  My little find is not quite as exciting a treasure as hers.  This little cherub was distributed by an Ohio company, Napco, established in 1938.  They imported Napcoware from Japan and it was popular in the 40's and 50's.  I got him for $1.00 and I think he goes well with my vintage Wedgewood (Lichfield) China.  A few dried flowers might look charming in the dish.  The above photo is for my "365 Photographic Journey".

* * * * *

Photo courtesy of "The Haiku Challenge"
Personal journey
Traveling life's twisting path
Searching for substance

by Margaret Bednar, 02/27/11
I liked this definition of substance:  The actual matter of a thing; as opposed to the appearance or shadow; reality.  This wraps up the daily Haiku challenge for February.  It was a lot of fun.

* * * * *

Photo courtesy of "Jack AZ Photography"

Royal Wounds
Ripping out words, my heart is consumed with feelings of
outrage and discontent.  Tired fingers tap out my nightmare, memories
yanked from the past, brutally displayed upon pristine white.
Arduously spilling buried emotions, the antique keys race with my heart.
Longingly I wish truth would escape, acutely aware the
wounds will end up crumpled.  The devastating omission, hidden.
Oh, to be branded like my faithful "ROYAL".
Upon each year, improved, declared "Magnificent".  My voice
noisy, courageous, unafraid.  Sturdy and strong, I would reveal the
darkest of secrets, striking out with bold black ink, freeing my
soul from this haunting pain...  My hand returns the carriage and me to reality.

by Margaret Bednar, "Art Happens" 02/27/11
for One Stop Poetry's "One Shoot Sunday"

This Sunday's interview is part two with Jack of "Jack AZ Photography".   Like I said last Sunday, his site is definitely worth investigating.  

Friday, February 25, 2011

Haiku, "Feelings"

The top three photos are for "Patterns & Repetitions in February"... (I'm cheating a bit!)  And longing for color, obviously!  These bright and beautiful flowers hail from Petoskey Michigan.  I took these photos before we moved in the summer of 2009.  The following is an excerpt from the web site:  Bay View is a unique summer destination since about 1877 with simple cottages.  Ten years later there were 125 cottages, a hotel and a chapel.  Actually, it began as a summer camp meeting for Michigan's Methodists to gather "for intellectual and scientific culture and the promotion of the cause of religion and morality."  It has always been ecumenical in spirit.  Please click HERE to read more.

One year we rented cottage for a week.  I think every cottage has a magnificent porch.  I plan on going back this summer and taking photos of all the porches!  This is also where I took my watercolor classes under the huge trees and views of Lake Michigan from artist Catherine Carey.

It was truly how summer should be.  My kids road their bikes to summer day camp (outdoor recreation sports and crafts) in the morning and then took swimming lessons after lunch in Lake Michigan.  The younger children enjoyed a warmer small in-ground pool for young children.  They played and took beginning swimming lesson there.  A photographer from the local newspaper came and snapped away and selected my daughter to grace the cover of Petoskey's "The Guide" for the entire summer of 2007.  Doesn't her face radiate joy?

Photo is a copy of The Guide, A publication of Petoskey News-Review
HERE is Winter's 2011 "The Guide".  Soon it will be updated for the upcoming spring and summer season.  If you are ever interested in visiting beautiful Petoskey or Bay View, this website is a wonderful reference.

The following photo is for "Weekend Reflections #75". There are so many creative shots in this challenge - I am especially impressed with the hosts reflection this week - truly unique and inspiring.  Do yourself a favor and take a look.  My submission is another archival shot of Lake Michigan, but I thought it went well with my mood!

* * * * *

And the monthly Haiku Challenge for February is winding down.  Here are Friday - Sunday's poems.  I will return each day and add the day's poems.

Tumultuous cloud 
of distorted feelings.
 Emotional haze

by Margaret Bednar, 02/25/11
for February's "Haiku Challenge"
Word Prompt:  Haze

* * * * *

Saturday's Photo Prompt:  

Photo Courtesy of The Haiku Challenge

Verdant youth, dream-filled
Zeal, zest and verve undaunted
Life boldly pursued

by Margaret Bednar, 02/26/11
for February's Haiku Challenge
(zeal = interest, zest = enjoyment, verve = energy)

* * * * *

Sunday's Word Prompt:  Eternity

A sweet ride, her "need"
Father's eternal response:
"Absolutely not!"

by Margaret Bednar
for the"Haiku Challenge"

This is taken up in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway.
She only got to sit behind the wheel.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magpie Tales #54 - "Scattered Pieces", Haiku - "I Write" 149/365

I have been sitting on numerous photos wanting to paint them.  I have a tendency to "over-fuss" a painting.  I have Photoshop CS5 and haven't really touched it... I am taking a Kim Klaussen computer class this March and I'm sure I will learn a lot (as many of you have attested!)  

But look how fun to "break down" the photo and use the revamped versions as a guide for a painting.  Now I'm not so intimidated.  The original photo I could have fixed, but I have decided to leave the sun glare in as I reminder how HOT and sunny the day was in Charleston, South Carolina.

The two old oak trees (is that what they are called) are from Magnolia Plantation.

I will keep you posted when I paint these and will direct you over to my art blog.  Wish me luck!
* * * * *
Now for my "Magpie #54.  

Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid of Willow Manor
Scattered Pieces

Distant is the melody
of our sweet duet.
Once upon a time
full of passion and devotion.
The strains of sweet love
haunt my days and nights.
Affection now slashed,
mutilated, willingly
by your once tender hands.
Pleading, your eyes beseech
for the puzzle to be
reassembled, restored.
I agonize and search
the corners of my heart, but
only scattered pieces remain.
My wavering melody no longer
harmonizes with yours.
The notes have scattered,
too fragile for repair.

© Margaret Bednar

* * * * *
And we are almost at the end of February and the
daily "Haiku Challenge".  The picture prompt for today is below:

Black & White, I write
My thoughts, experiences.
Does anyone care?

© Margaret Bednar

This does not reflect me - I read about a teenager who took her life; her diary was full of her loneliness.
* * * * *

The above photo is for "Patterns & Repetitions in February".  My daughters and I were intrigued by these colorful boxes - others were pink and purple.  We had our noses right up to the slots, until someone walking by told us they were bat houses.  Boy, did we JUMP back.  A while later, the person came jogging back and told us she had been misinformed - they were butterfly houses.  

And if you have the patience, one last thing.  I wrote my first children's verse over on my Creative Writing blog "Art Happens in Black & White" - it is for the adorable "Monday's Child" challenge hosted by "bkm".  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haiku, "Scintillating Night" 148/365

This above is for "Patterns and Repetitions in February."  I loved the antique feel of this, but I didn't play around with it in Photoshop at all.  Even though the weather is much warmer here than the northern states, I am longing for color.

* * * * *

This is for "The Sunday Creative" challenge - word prompt "Warmth".  Can you feel it?  I took this photo a couple of years ago in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

* * * * *

February's daily "Haiku challenge" is below.  The prompt word is:  Scintillate!

Romantic candles,
Kisses and poetic verse.
Scintillating night!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Haiku, "The Climb", 146 & 147/356

Yesterday was 70 + degrees!  I believe that is a record.  And today it is a "chilly" 48 in the shade.  I'm lovin' a North Carolina February.  The two photos above are of a new park I found to walk the dogs.  I am really happy with the variety of places to stroll around here. They are part of my "365 Day Photographic Journey" - I'm almost half way there.

I haven't had time to look at all the blogs I follow and comment much today - I have a child home with the flu bug.  I can't wait to do so as your talent and creativity inspire me.

This is my photo for "Repetitions and Patterns"  in February.  I even swung on these - how many years since I had done that!

My oldest daughter, below has always loved to swing.  I remember spending an hour at the playgrounds pushing her while her older brother ran around swinging sticks and climbing and pretending to be a Star Wars character.  (did you see the video in my post below - do yourself a favor and watch the advertisement - my husband and I cried with laughter!)

* * * * * 

Photo courtesy of The Haiku Challenge

Never-ending climb
it seems.  No escalator.
Paradise takes work.

by Margaret Bednar
February's "Haiku Challenge"

Of course, as a (Catholic) Christian, I believe only God's grace saves us.  But I don't believe it is as simple as saying "I believe in Jesus".  I must live my life by using love as a verb.  Internalizing love doesn't work - I must be an instrument of Jesus and "do good things" as my youngest daughter simply puts it.  The good deeds does not get me in to heaven, but it does show I took up my cross and gave my Christianity more than lip service.  These are my beliefs, and I don't thrust them on anyone nor think that my way is the only way (I don't want to debate religion here).  Just thought I would share what these stairs represented to me.  

* * * * *

This will be for "Black & White Wednesday".  It's a little unfocused, but I think it would make a great painting. She is my little tuxedo kitty who is always alert and active, always exploring.  Just submitting it early as I won't be able to post tomorrow. 

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

OK, I did not watch the Superbowl (or maybe just the last 10 minutes) and I never saw this commercial.  If they were all this entertaining, we would never leave the room during commercial breaks!  If you haven't seen this, please do yourself a favor and take 1 minute to do so!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tanka - "Reassuring Promise", Haiku - "Bliss", 145/365

Reassuring Promise

Fall's fading embrace
Promises a future spring
As your lips touch mine,
Your last breath reassuring
"Goodbye" is not forever.

by Margaret Bednar

The above poem is a Tanka for "One Stop Poetry Form Monday".  I suppose one could say it is similar to a haiku, but more difficult.  The traditional Tanka hints at a season and has a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count.  What I find intriguing is that the third line is the "bridge" and actually ties two poems that could stand on their own, together.  I believe it is supposed to involve the senses more than sentiment.  I'm thinking mine leans more towards sentiment, but this is my attempt.  Click on One Stop (above) to learn more.  This week it is co-hosted with Lady Nyo.  She has a book coming out soon via entitled "White Cranes of Heaven".    The second photo above is for "Macro Monday."

* * * * *

We had wonderful weather this past weekend.  Or so we thought, we transplants from the northern state of Michigan.  Almost 60 degrees, I believe.  Which means shorts and t-shirts for our gang - we did get a few strange looks from people who were still wearing jackets.  The photo below is for "The Creative Exchange".  None of them are perfectly lit, but I believe they capture the joy of the moment.

Skipping and laughing
Hearts soaring with spring's promise
Bliss is this moment

The above poem is for the February Monthly "Haiku Challenge".  The prompt word is "bliss".

The photo below is for "Patterns and Repetitions in February".

I played hooky from house work and today I am suffering the consequences.  Isn't that when we pitch more than we keep?  It does make things easier - and it's a good thing the kids are in school when this style of "cleaning" occurs!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Haiku, "The Dark Side", 144/356

Photo courtesy of Jack AZ Photography
Serenade begins
Dark vibrations hypnotize
Fatal attraction

by Margaret Bednar
for One Stop Poetry's "One Shoot Sunday"
Photographer Interview:  Jack AZ Photography
Visit his fun blog - he has tips, amazing photos and he writes poetry!

It was a glorious day today.  Just the right amount of sun and fresh air to tempt us to leave the inside chores for another day and take a long walk and visit the playground.  I liked this reflection of the tree in the water and it goes quite nicely with the theme, I think.  And to top it all off, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner theatre murder mystery this weekend. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic - Smooth Criminal

Wow!  I found this exciting Cello duet HERE.  I have always loved the cello and I wanted to share this.  These two have other vidoes on YouTube.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  

Haiku, "Life's Quest", 143/365

My first Photoshop edit.  I had a few dust specs on this flower and I added my signature (which I think I need to make a bit larger).  I would love to drop the word "Photography" and add the copyright logo - the "c" with a circle.  Does anyone know how to do that?   This is the last flower that my son gave me for Valentines day - it never completely opened up, but the beauty of a rose is it is magnificent in all stages.
* * * * *
The following are for Friday, Saturday & Sunday - February's "Haiku Challenge"

Photo courtesy of "The Haiku Challenge"
Morning's veil rises
opportunities await
Life's quest continues

by Margaret Bednar
prompt:  the above photo
* * *

Photo by Margaret Bednar
Laughter and friendship
Excitement for a new year
Beautiful debris 

by Margaret Bednar
word prompt: "debris"

* * *

Photo courtesy of "Haiku Challenge"
Oh Sweet Salvation
Your nectar provides me with
Everlasting hope

by Margaret Bednar
prompt: the above photo
* * * * *

The above photo is a bit overexposed, but I loved the reflection in the horses eye.  This if for Newtown Area Photo's "Weekend Reflections #74."  There are some wonderfully creative photography in this challenge, not to mention the host's own work on his other blog "Something Sighted". 

And of course, my "Patterns & Repetitions for February".  Friday - Sundays submissions are listed below.  These photos were all taken from Harbor Spring, Michigan's "Pond Hill Farm".  I planted my first and only (organic) garden there, on a plot I rented for the summer a few years back.  It was a lot of fun and a beautiful place to work in the dirt!

I loved the repetition in the barn windows and pumpkin vines...

and in the hanging flower pots hanging from the porch and the barn and stores wooden siding...

and of nature itself in the tall trees in the background, the sheep dotting the field and the fence posts.