Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Spin

Doe Ridge Pottery
My Spin

I've banned the talking heads
to a few minutes each morn-
raise an eyebrow as play by plays change daily;
a comedy farce at best if one is cynical.

My cat peers into the mountain fog
from her window seat; little paws
tucked carefully beneath as she considers
what isn't seen, but revealed soon enough.

Costa Rica percolates in the kitchen
and the dogs thump hopeful tails,
a daily walk and two meals their only concern.

Simplicity and patience; it's what the world needs.

The seasoned cast iron faithfully offers
perfectly cooked eggs spooned atop
dry rye and sliced avocado -
so pretty upon my Doe Ridge pottery plate.

Calendar open; try to squeeze in "me time".
Flip through apps, select "Audible"
as lives from the past seem far more interesting
than what's being offered up today.

by Margaret Bednar, May 23, 2017

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Lately I have listened to the book "War of the Roosevelts" and a "controversial" book (as I am Catholic ;) "Pope Joan"   Both captivating books offered through "Audible".  Perfect while I quilt, knit, draw, or exercise.  And a refreshing breather from "the news".

Thursday, May 11, 2017

"All's Fair..."

"All's Fair..."

"Horseradish" Grandmother would mutter
beneath her breath and I knew she was ruffled.
"That's Queer", which embarrassed me no end,
was another expletive.

Vinegar reminds me of her.  One tablespoon,
milk became buttermilk, a dash more
cleaned the kettle, crystal, and oven.
Did wonders with laundry, mirrors, floors.
Come summer a preventive for swimmer's ear;
I hated the "tickle".

Slyly coaxing teaspoons of mineral oil
proved futile:  my stubbornness my savior.

* * *

Smile to myselfcarefully wasabi peas rinsed,
with vinegar no less, fiber and protein
a healthy "snack"; hide the Cheese Puff's
my kids (and their father) prefer.
Set a tall glass of water before them.

Complain I'm trying to kill them.

"Horseradish" I mutter beneath my breath.
Launch into a trip down memory lane:
plowing my way through drifts of snow
to catch the school bus (I did),
summer mornings spent weeding mother's
two acre vegetable garden (truth),
and the dreaded daily dose of mineral oil.

Swear I hear Grandmother say,
"That's Queer" ... allow the memory
of her raised eyebrow make me feel
a little guilty.

by Margaret Bednar, May 11, 2017

This was a hard challenge.  I was to combine an odd phrase "self care wasabi peas" with the photograph above.  I highlighted the words in the poem - you can see I took a bit of "artistic liberty" - it's the only way I could make this work...

This is linked with "The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Out of Standard - Photo Finish"  These really are memories of my Grandmother.  I don't serve wasabi peas BUT I am joined to a CSA and the vegetables are often the bane of my families existence - and my joy!   I have found a number of ways to prepare the vegetables that they are willing to eat (and put those darn cheese puffs away).

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

"Being Puck"

Being Puck

Is there not a bit
of an imp in every boy,
a puck, a pixie, rascal or sprite

that beguiles more than pesters,
teases not torments -
molds a mother's heart

and when it reappears
upon becoming a man - does it not
bring back her youthful smile?

by Margaret Bednar, May 9, 2017

My son, William Bednar, will be performing (as Puck) with Barefoot Shakespeare Company productions of Macbeth and Midsummer Night's Dream - set in the summer of 1967.   It will be in rotating repertory, June 8-18 at Summit Rock in Central Park.  William appears in the video at .21

He was both Peter Pan & Robin Hood (both have elements of Puck) several times as a youth and adores Shakespeare - and will always be a bit of a Puck :)

and Barefoot Shakespeare Company's website:  HERE

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A little about Puck HERE
and Peter Pan HERE

Peter - which is closely related to Puck
drawing by Chelsea Bednar

Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Flight of the Raven"

Flight of the Raven

I stood at the overlook absorbing the vast Blue Ridge,
enjoying my knew found word - cimmerian -
watched it cavort with a favorite word - luminous
across the mountain peaks...

and as always, I felt a longing, a searching
that always cloaks me at this elevation, sunrise or sunset;
ponder Time which cavorts ahead, enigmatically;
look back, see a mirage - for don't we all
like to rearrange the past into something pleasant?


I think it was his size that took my breath away,
not the shadow that winged over me, angel-like,
nor the romanesque profile silhouetted against mountain's vista -
although both were impressive;

felt forlorn as the messenger soared off, his secret intact
so taken with his arrival, I didn't listen.

I've learned it's a powerful privilege to cry with a Raven,
embrace rebirth, anticipate new perspectives
and I ponder what challenges await me,
what hides in the shadows, what is holding me back?

Thrilled my Scorpian's "fire" is compatible
with Raven's "playfulness"...

by Margaret Bednar, May 4, 2017

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