Saturday, September 23, 2023


collage by Margaret Bednar


My thoughts
ride the currents
along the Atlantic,
a migratory pattern
not unlike the Monarch.

Perhaps more an escape 
than a disciplined,
pre-planned route,
timeline to adhere.

Instead, I wander;
parameters of time
Find myself in decades past,
lamenting decisions
I can not change;
careening forward,
wishful of a metamorphosis.

Why the Atlantic?
I'm not sure
other than it's a place
I love to dip my toes,
watch the sunrise,
collect seashells,
lose myself on the horizon,
feel His presence,

witness the journey
of the butterfly;
a fellow sojourner,
seeking, searching,
losing track of time...
contemplating eternity.

Like the Monarch,
make a pilgramage yearly,
a temporary repreive 
from the day to day,

otherwise, like a prayer
or the tingle of fingertips,
this daily sojourn, 
this centering,
this sustenance.

by Margaret Bednar, September 23, 2023

I gave myself 10 minutes to write - close my eyes, feel the response, go with the flow, so to speak, edit very little and just post it.  Quite the opposite of how I usually write.  I did have my collage to inspire the direction of my thought - that is usual for me (some sort of image of mine - photo, drawing, collage).

Thursday, September 21, 2023



collage by Margaret Bednar


As the sun slid
behind lucent clouds
she descended 
from Heaven

Flocks unfazed
shepherd boy asleep

Taken from me
on a similar
Autumn day

"Have you saved
a place for me?"

but her smile
seemed taken too

Did she remember
walks in the field
planting wildflower seeds
faces dirt-smudged
beneath wide-brimmed hats?

Far afield she gazed
before turning

"You've time
to grow
into robe and crown
Stay curious
You've time to breathe."

My eyes lowered
held the tears close;
...found her gone

Raised my hand
loosed yesterday's flowers
to plant themselves

Offered my spirit
No longer afraid
Understood the comfort
of ending up Home.

"You took my Mama.
One day you'll take me.
But first, I must live."

by Margaret Bednar, September 21, 2023

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This is also part of my Emily Dickinson reflections series.  I read and reflected on her "IV Time and Eternity II" .  Her poem can be found "HERE".