Tuesday, February 12, 2019

February Is

February is

shades of grey and tan,
dull sage green
with etchings of black;

like a bashful beauty
wrapped within woolen coat;

or a cardinal flashing through
forest's canopy.

I take my cue,
plump pillows of grey & tan,
swipe soft-green upon lids,
slip on little black, paint lips red -

drop my robe, remind him
spring's almost here.

by Margaret Bednar, originally penned February 9, 2014

A bit of fun with Valentine's Day fast approaching...  I'm a bit behind in visiting and commenting - will be hopefully catching up in a few days.  I am BUSY packing as we bought a house - our backyard is literally the Blue Ridge Parkway!

We also just added two new puppies to our household.  Miniature Irishdoodles - (Irish Setter/Poodle mix) hence the photo above does NOT match the poem.  I didn't think anyone would mind - it's a MUCH better image than me dropping my robe!!!

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Monday, February 4, 2019

The Way

The Way

The sheer vastness 
is simultaneously empowering and humbling, 
its vivid greens, blended blues, faded greys

earn my sighs, 

a hunger grasped, tossed windward,
soaring beyond well-worn path
horse and I now tread, 
notebook and pen pocketed 
as I ponder Karma versus Chance.

Infinity encircles my neck, 
Luck my wrist, sterling silver trinkets 
that haven’t (as yet) earned their keep

a bit like my thoughts: inked, slanted, 
dotted, carefully crossed, 
pages arranged just so… although,

may as well send them soaring
upon mountain’s breeze, 
not fool myself I’m in control.

Give my horse his head, 
for he seems to enjoy the winding way. 

This is linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Art Flash / 55"  It is LOOSELY linked as I did get inspiration from the original artistic image (which can be found on the link) and it is not a 55 - but as I was atop the mountain and enjoying the warm, light breeze  - I wanted to share these images instead and I slightly changed the poem when I got back home....  Hope "inspired by" is close enough...

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