Saturday, March 18, 2023



"Six cats smoking cigarettes
watch two kangaroos cartwheeling
over three charming chimpanzees"...

words whispered, giggled, gypsied
down telephone line,
exchanged and overflowed with foolery

your face mirrored shock, 
final translation received, quite distorted 
(I made sure of that).`

Enjoyed watching you clean up 
"Sexy sirens swearing
watch two ken dolls kiss 
while chugging three champaigns"
(quite smart-ass for third grade!)

into something acceptable.  Still doing it,
helping my sorry self get out of scrapes,
you, little Scarecrow, guiding my Dorothy
down life's yellow brick road.

Big sister to my little.

by Margaret Bednar, March 18, 2023

Playing along with Shays Word Garden List - Randy Newman.  20 words use 3.  I used 13: cats, charming, cigarette, gypsies, kangaroo, mirror, overflow, sailor, scarecrows, smart-ass, sorry, telephone, yellow.

Friday, March 3, 2023



Silhouetted beneath parasols, Victoria and Sophie
giggle and gossip morning away; Alberts, Theodores,
Virgils roll of syntax tongues as if candy,
"wedding' a word whispered, a word
with countless rules heartily studied and employed.

Louisa scoffs, swirls her gin, longing to replace
ladies "codebook" for adventure, to take on "peculiar",
foreign names, Iguanodon, Plesiosaurus, 
far more spectacular than Alfred or Gilbert.

Oh, to basket the skies through fog and clouds,
skyward balloons her hero, not puffed out chests of men.
To push limits of possibilities, demolish coy for brazen!

To be brave and bold like the falls of River Tess,
tumbling and frothing, not reluctant nor reticent a riddle to be solved!

Victoria asks Louisa why she is smiling.  Louisa sighs,
"I'm thinking about tomorrow."

by Margaret Bednar, March 3, 2023

I'm playing in "Shay's Word Garden - Word List - The Legacy of Ladysmith". I used 13 of the 20 words (only had to use 3):  codebook, foreign, peculiar, spectacularly, syntax, wedding, fog, coy, hero, demolished, reluctant, riddle, river

Also linking up with the fabulous "Poet and Storytellers United Friday Writings #66"