Friday, May 6, 2022



A princess
may not be royal
nor bedecked in jewels.
May come from humble means,
pursue life
where grace is an acceptance
of a role, not a crown -
a heart offered
for service, not idolatry.

by Margaret Bednar, May 6, 2022

I have recently watched a documentary and read a long article on the life of Audrey Hepburn.  She truly believed beauty was from within and seemed more than happy to leave Hollywood and dedicate her life to serving others.  She was an ambassador for UNICEF and they say she would gather the children (covered in dirt and flies) into her arms and hug them.  

This is linked with "Poets and Storytellers United - Friday Writings #25". This is not a rewrite which was the suggested prompt for this week.  The mixed-media collage above is my work.  

Saturday, April 30, 2022

I Wore a Red Dress


I Wore a Red Dress

I wore a red dress today,

hesitated on my lipstick… too bold?

Thought, “When did my wardrobe

become boring?  When did my lips 

become pale?"

Limitations loom large. 

Ponder the fact:

Goals aren’t necessarily dreams,

nor life’s path, aspirations.  

Step outside in sensible shoes,

remember when I owned 

more stilettos than flats.  The sun is warm.

Honeybee, whom shouldn’t be able to fly,

buzzes about (didn’t get the memo),

importance just shy of water and air.

Realize I need to regrow a new “old me”,

hang on to my core, release “outgrown”,

contemplate mystical and magical,

question behavior and belief,

shed skin like Gecko,

whose pretty green darts before me.

His path crisscrosses with Butterfly,

ultimate sign of grace, of lightness, 

of life’s continuous unfolding.  

Youngest son once asked

if turtles smell flowers.  “Why not?”,

I answered.  “Just because we haven’t seen it,

doesn’t make it so.”

Repetitious days have made me forget 

I’m strong. Even bold.  January first

isn’t the only day for resolutions.

Went back inside to don a red cap 

to match my lipstick, and smile, 

as I’m the only one to know,

red panties to match.

By Margaret Bednar, April 30, 2020

This is linked with "Poets and Storytellers United - Friday Writings #24". It has been MONTHS since I last wrote poetry and it feels so good.   I also created the mixed-media collage which goes along with this poem.  i can't wait to sip morning coffee this Saturday morning and read all the incredible poems you all have written.