Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fences, "Forbidden"


For little boys

temptation is the rule,
not the exception.

Locked? Well then,
up and over...

"Come on, Mom,
you can do it!"

As if that is why I said "No."

Margaret Bednar, 11-30-2012

This is for Friday Fences #60.

IGWRT's Mary's Mixed Bag "Letting Go"

Letting Go

Yesterday and tomorrow
are acquainted with today,

where youth stands
with feet firmly planted

watching destiny gallop forward,
apathetic of bygone days;

and I, aged and wise,
watch yesterday's ripples
interplay about my feet,

realize how unpredictable,
dreams can be.

My hand grasps her wrist
warning of my fears,

but she, entranced with the sunrise
doesn't turn toward me,
resists the connection,

and I let go,
as all mothers must.

by Margaret Bednar 12-30-2012

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's "Mary's Mixed Bag - Connection".  I will be back tonight to read and enjoy visiting all of your  poems and posts!  I'm a bit behind - these kids are keeping me hopping (wish I could say young).

dVerse Poet's Pub "Child-Like Faith" (text from Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy)

Erasure Poem & Artwork by Margaret Bednar
Child-Like Faith

Divinity is the law of right and wrong
come into the world by revelation

which I am made one with other men,
one body of believers:

The Church.

Jews, Mohammedans, Confucians,
Buddhists? What of them?

Can men be deprived of God?

The movement of stars,
the rotation of earth,
complicated and marvelous!
Unattainable by reason.

I intently face starlight.

As a Christian,
vain and uncertain,
my soul questions...

I have no right to decide!

all of a sudden, like a child,
faith has taken root,
and I, 
still unable to understand,


by Margaret Bednar, 11-29-2012

This is an Erasure Poem, text from the novel "Anna Karenina", by Leo Tolstoy for dVerse Poet's Pub.  For details click on the link, but for a shortened explanation: Erase words until you get a poem.  It is much harder than it looks.

I will be around on Friday to read all the posts to this challenge.

I'm not sure mine even says what I had hoped .... but so much evil is done in the name of religion.  I say, leave it up to God to judge and decide.  I'm even tired of evangelists... just LIVE your faith and that should be enough - DON'T come knocking at my door.  If someone asks me about it, of course, I'll share. But enough hatred, enough with intolerance for those of differing faiths.

On another note, I am so excited to see the movie Anna Karenina.  I've already seen Skyfall and Lincoln, and I also have The Hobbit and Les Miserables to look forward to!  

I haven't read any reviews... but these "Russians" sound quite English to me!  :)  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poet's United - Wonder Wednesday "Detour"


I'm not on that bridge
the one I'm driving under;

where does it lead,
what is there to see?

I follow the paved
double yellow dutifully,

wondering if the other
meanders through a scenic route

of farms, trails, historic homes,
perhaps a few grand mountain views;

decide to cutback, detour,
look down upon where I have been,

full of excitement for what lies ahead
as my children lament,

"Here she goes again!"

by Margaret Bednar, 11-28-2012

This is for Poet's United - Wonder Wednesday #11 Bridge.

Further proof we should wander off the planned path now and again ...

IGWRT's Wednesday Challenge "Susan"

Would you like to hear me read this poem:

Check this out on Chirbit


I have long admired
deep cherry red

roses.  Foliage blooming
with life, like your

eyes.  I reach out to
run a finger along youthful

cheek.  But, some things
must be carressed with the

heart.  I gaze upon precious
faded images, make a

vow.  Despite early pruning by
Master Gardener, you'll forever grace my

life.  Artistry from one held dear,
will inspire, will be remembered.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-28-2012

I was about one and a half when my sister died, just shy of nine.  I wish with all my heart I could remember her, but I don't.  However, I have always felt a very strong pull towards her images in the photographs my parents took of her, their first born.  I was told when she came home from the hospital, she always went straight towards my room, to see me, the baby sister she so loved.

She was an artist, I have a few of her drawings, her creations of paper doll clothes, etc.  My first daughter's middle name is Susan - and she is the one who is so artistically gifted; I can't help but think Susan is smiling down from heaven, her spirit still painting.

Below is some of her art she did while in the hospital.  I feel so blessed to have it.

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's - Wednesday Challenge "Personal Relationship" inspired by the poetry of Ingrid Jonker.

and a school project my oldest daughter did years ago.  I was truly amazed, as I hadn't showed her Susan's paper doll clothes at the time:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Poetry Jam & IGWRT's "Atlantis"

drawing by Bailey Powell
doll by Bailey Powell

Ancient paintings 
and seafaring Greeks
sighted strange creatures 
upon sun dappled rocks.

Medieval manuscripts, 
even Columbus and Hudson, 
told tales banished now to myth

of pale speckled bellies, 
dark blue backs, glowing,
and tails of polished sea glass.

Where now, these creatures
who swam with dolphins
and sang with humpbacks
of the pacific northwest?

Perhaps their kingdom's a city
lost to us, a place we call "myth";

a god's mountain palace
carved for his love,
surrounded by gates,
towers, bridges and moats,

a place the Pillars of Hercules
watched silently slip
into a realm unknown,

followed by every mermaid
and merman pledging allegiance 
to Poseidon and Amphitrite.

Atlantis!  A new civilization
cradled deep inside the Mystic Sea
safe from their predator; mankind.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-27-2012

doll by Bailey Powell
This is for Poetry Jam "make believe"and Imaginary Garden With Real Toad's Sunday Challenge "dolls".  The dolls (this being one of many) have been created by talented high school visual art students.

I watched a video from Animal Planet on mermaids "The Body Found" which is rather interesting and fun. Also, here is an image and information on the Pillars of Hercules.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Mag #145 "Timeworn"

Photo Source HERE

Sultry crimson is pulled, coaxed,
dragged about shapely curves

as I know red is
your favorite color.

I wore one like this
years ago...

"Plunging and dangerous"
you whispered in my ear.

I'd giggled, smitten.
Now, I raise my cabernet

as you appear dazzled
by "Little Black" across the room

find myself alone, fading,

by Margaret Bednar, 11-26-2012

This is for The Mag #145 - a photo prompt each week to get our creative juices flowing.

This will also be linked to Mr. Know-it-All's "Flash Fiction Friday 55" on Thursday after 8pm (a FICTION story in 55 words... no more, no less).  

IGWRT's Sunday Mini-Challenge & Poetry Jam "Getting to Happy"

Doll by Dionne Daniel
Getting to Happy

Getting to Happy
by way of the blues
was a long journey

of blue licks; strummed,
ivory; tickled, and lyrics
sung by a people
livin' the good,
survivin' the bad

in Mississippi's Delta
where twelve-bar blues
and repeated woes
defined the times.

Some say we're
still travelin' this road...

I'm yearnin' for a time
when notes,
bent and stretched,
float within a smokey room,
tell of a time, reminiscent.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-26-2012

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's Sunday-Mini Challenge, "dolls" and for Poetry Jam "Best Sellers" - use a book title from the New York Times Best Seller List.  Mine was "Getting to Happy" by Terry McMillan.

Also linked with Open Link Monday over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

IGWRT's Sunday-Mini Challenge "The Artist"

doll  by Amber Robinson
The Artist

Drifting in and out of fairytales
inspiration nuzzles its way 
from Disney to anime,
as with labor pains
upon my fingertips
I stitch and sew,
nip and tuck,
become Creator of my muse.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-25-2012

conceptual sketch by Amber Robinson
 The creative process always fascinates me.  I found the conceptual sketches to be as exciting if not more so than the soft sculpted dolls.  I was truly amazed how many of these high school students were able to successfully carry out their initial idea.

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads "dolls".  This is my third poem for the prompt as I couldn't choose just one doll! :)

IGWRT's Sunday Mini-Challenge "Soaring"

doll by Junsung Lee

Trail blazing 
a mid-night sky, 
I gallop 
upon the Milky Way,
bow low 
only to Sagittarius.
spiral over 
ink black rifts,
gaze upon 
Cassiopeia's beauty,
soar the star fields, 
wild and free.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-25-2012

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's Sunday-Mini Challenge "dolls".  I am hosting this week's Sunday Mini Challenge.  The dolls are truly awesome and made by very talented high school visual art students.  Each doll was originally portrayed in a sketch by the artist. 

Drawing by Junsung Lee


Saturday, November 24, 2012

IGWRT's Sunday-Mini Challenge "Celestial Canvas"

Celestial Canvas

Upon midnight blue
twinkling visions flit and flirt
laurel, myrtle, azure, and sky

as I, of orbs that never close,
recline beneath leafy canopy.
Watch as Strawberry Moon

reaches through slatted sanctuary
smoothing eventide's blanket
about my velveteen.

Tomorrow, my creator
will climb aloft and hold me close,
as whisper, I, celestial secrets in her ear.

I'll watch as tingling radiance
travels lengthy fingertips,
saturating canvas with magic.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, June 26, 2012

I have also linked this poem with Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's "Sunday-Mini Challenge"- Dolls.  I will be writing a few more original poems based on student-created dolls - this one I wrote back in June as it is my daughter's creation.

My daughter (below) with the doll she created for her junior high school class at a University.  It is all hand stitched. She has a doll "baby" she has loved since she was one year old.  It is, well, something that should probably be burned, but she protects the well-loved doll with her life (believe me, at one time I tried to purge my house of it).

This doll was to reflect her in some way, as well as the "container".  It is a tree house.  She could just as well have put the doll in a swing as that is the other thing she adored as a child (and still does).  The moon and stars have always fascinated her.

and with "baby"...

Oh, my daughter also loves crowns and Paris ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

IGWRT's - Out of Standard with Izzy "My Guilty Pleasure"

My Guilty Pleasure

I'm forty seven, too old
to be swept away
by silly romance

tucked away deep
beneath sweaters and jeans,
least my children find out,

falling apart with age,
like me, I suppose.

A bit of youth I revisit
now and again, remind
myself that once upon a time

I was a silly teenager
and that a tiny bit of her
still exists...

by Margaret Bednar 11-21-2012

Confession time over at Imaginary Garden With Real Toad's "Guilty Pleasure"!!! I had NO idea what I was going to be able to reveal... and then I remembered!  I even tried to find where I hid these four falling apart paperbacks.  I bought Harlequin Romances every month when I was a teenager (they were under $1 back then) ... spent far more time on these than I did algebra, that's for sure.  

I have kept my favorite four, have never been able to part with the stories above.   A few years ago I read a portion of them out loud to my husband and he laughed until he cried... he thought they were that bad.  Ha!  Now-a-days HR's have turned into mini-porn, I don't like them nearly as much, haven't bought one in over 20 years... Well now, confession time again.  That's not true.  I bought a whole paper bag full of these "classic" ones at a library book sale about eight years ago ... filled it up for $1.00!!  I recall now I spent the entire summer reading them on the beach.  

Ah, confession is good for the soul.  :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Andrew Wyeth and The Mag #144 "The Keeper" a poem

Squall, 1986 - Andrew Wyeth, 
The Keeper

Worn mahogany groans
beneath my tread,
as I wipe weary
from burning eyes.

Gnarled hands grasp
ladder rungs, familiar,
haul myself up the last few feet
into fortressed turret,

where with love-worn gaze
watch her heave and roll
an outburst upon rocky shore;
a tempest passion sets ablaze
my steadfast heart.

I guide to safety
those unlucky in love,
her tenacious hold
upon their hearts, destructive.

Just as fast
she'll simmer and settle
before adoring eyes,
paint a lover's morning sky

as I retrace my steps, sink
into blissful dreams, her breath
fresh upon my neck as we slumber,
drained and tranquil.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-20-2012

Bodie Island Lighthouse by Kay Gaensler
This is for the MAGNIFICENT Magpie Tales #144.  The top photo is this week's photo prompt and the second photo is of Bodie Island Lighthouse in my home state of North Carolina.  I have yet to drive towards the Outer Banks, as usually I head to the mountains, but I see I will have to plan a trip!

I've also linked to dVerse Poets Pub "Open Link Night"

Monday, November 19, 2012

"Thankful" - A Poem for my Husband


My Man and my little man
walk before me, one voice soothing,
explaining, the other excited,
questioning, hanging on every word.

I know this, as later, perhaps weeks,
little man will recite, if not word 
for word, then the essence 
of what he gleaned from his father.
Moments like these are few, time 
so fleeting.  This treasure I'll store delicately 
beside memories of other sweaty palms 
and upturned faces absorbing his gentleness, 

as I, even then, wiped tears from my eyes, thankful.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-19-2012

This is for my husband and Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, "Open Link Monday".  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

IGWRT's Sunday Mini-Challenge "Alone"


Beneath a cranberry canopy
I linger, replay words of love
once crooned beneath spring's canopy
of roses; love in full bloom.  Love
has drifted, this canopy shelters
only me.  Yet I find I'm not lonely
beneath fall's golden light, this shelter
where I embrace alone, beholden lonely
to the blight of winter's questionable grace.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-18-2012

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's "The Sunday Mini-Challenge based on a poem of William Butler Yeats (click for a reading of that poem by Anthony Hopkins).  It uses repetition of end words in place of rhyme and has repeated that word within the lines of the poem itself with the addition of other words rhyming throughout.  It also has a specific syllable count.  Click on the link above for further details.

(I did take liberty by adding one extra line to finish my poem - artistic license AND am off one syllable on line 8, but whose counting, right?)

I think these photos (which I took today) will soon be the last of any fall color I capture as they are quickly falling to the ground and the air is getting chillier each day.  

Saturday, November 17, 2012

IGWRT's Music with Marian "Today's the Day"

"The Trojan Horse Brought Into the City" tapestry - hangs in the Vanderbilt Mansion, NY

Today's the Day

Life is a tapestry
of vice and virtue,
not one or the other

where moments, secrets,
joy and sin, interlace,
intricately interwoven

with life's journey
since before
Helen of Troy.

Sideways glances
and wagging tongues
feed upon the fodder of

mistaken choices.
Today's the day
I wise up, stop crying,

stop bleeding,
embrace my shame,
while their voices carry on.

Some things
remain unchanged.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-17-2012

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads "Music with Marian" - highlighting the music of Aimee Mann.

The image of "The Trojan Horse Brought Into the City" hangs in the Vanderbilt Mansion in New York.

The Trojan War tapestry referred to by Homer in Book III of the Iliad, where Iris disguises herself as Laodice and finds Helen "working at a great web of purple linen, on which she was embroidering the battles between Trojans and Achaeans, that Ares had made them fight for her sake." If such a tapestry had been made at the time, then it could explain how the battles were remembered in such great detail over the 400 or so years between the siege of Troy and the age of Homer.

I am having a great birthday weekend... but am running behind on my comments.  It won't be until Sunday evening that I can catch up and comment on the last few challenges, and return the visits.  I am actually looking forward to that downtime!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

dVerse - Literary Allusion, "The Interlude"

"The Kiss" 1892, Tolouse Lautrec
The Interlude

Entwined heat simmers, lingers
as early morning peeks
through plantation blinds.

Passion replays behind sated lids,
an encore.

My mind savors your eyes, dark.
Chestnut locks, wayward.
Muscles, simultaneously gentle, intense.

Ecstasy retreats behind awkward smile
arms and legs unscramble,
as I realize "he" isn't "you".

by Margaret Bednar, originally written 8-25-2012

This is for the amazing dVerse Poets Pub - Meeting the Bar - Literary Allusion.  

I wrote this poem originally for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's "Fireblossom Friday" and I linked it with a video clip from "Bridge Jones 2" (warning: The original & sequel are total chick flicks :)




Feel the rush of crispness
fill a void you didn't know you had,

makes you look 'round,
notice how vibrant everything is.

Marvel at the muskiness
of the pungent field,

surprise yourself
you like it.

Allow the silence
to settle and soothe,

almost taste your childhood.
Silliness, laughter, exuberance;

try to convince yourself
these are not flavors.

Now exhale.  Do you feel
the gift of renewal?

by Margaret Bednar, 11-15-2012

This is for Friday Fences #58. which I will link up with later.  I used Kim Klassen's texture "Kristen" using soft light mode.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

IGWRT Kerry's Wednesday Challenge "Dreams"

Photo courtesy of my daughter, texture applied by me.


I remember a girl with yellow daisies
tucked behind a dainty ear.
Grass tickled her pink painted toes
as starry eyed she spun, unbridled.
Tresses caught in the corner of her mouth,
face flushed with hope and sun.

Mirrors don't lie.  She let me go.  Doubt,
fear, time, mark her unrecognizable.

And what about you?  Have you
stopped dancing with me, too?

by Margaret Bednar, 11-14-2012

This is for Imaginary Garden With Real Toad's - Kerry's Wednesday Challenge, Breaking the Fourth Wall.    Can the fourth wall be broken for rhetorical or dramatic effect?  I tried.

I am also linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday (top photo) applying the texture "kirsten".  The theme was "dream".  How coincidental was this as I wrote the poem before I checked the prompt.

Photo courtesy of my daughter

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friday Flash 55 "Deep Autumn"

Deep Autumn

Cool fingers tickle stubbled fields, whose grasses are rolled,
stacked, and stored, escaping Deep Autumn's boisterous frisking.

Wrapped within a red knit scarf, wooly and warm,
I dally upon Grandmother's old stone wall,

languish in heavy, slanted, amber rays,
like a barn cat, content.

Thoughts of seasonal chores, forgotten,
while contentment spirals, settles deep within.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-13-2012

This is for Friday Flash 55 which I will link with on this Thursday after 8pm

I'm also linked with Rural Thursday #143.  It is a place where information and photos are shared about what's currently happening in and around rural/country/farm homes.  I hope this fits in with the prompt.

Photo courtesy of my daughter

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mag #143, "Innate"

We were lucky to see this at the North Carolina Zoo on 12-11-2012

Blood soaked leaves
beneath darkened, bent trees,
red upon green: drip, drip, drip.

Aggression, terror,
alpha dominance,
Has it always been?

Will it always be?
Exhausted combatants
limping homeward

while mothers
cradle sweet babes,
softly breathing
peace and love.

by Margaret Bednar, 12-11-2012 

This is for Magpie Tales #143.   The original photo prompt for this week is below.  It is a painting by Felix Vallotton depicting WWI - The Battle of Verdun

Red Colobus monkeys are the chimpanzees favorite prey.   Jane Goodall observed and reported wild chimpanzees hunting and eating meat and skeptics were critical of her findings at first.

Verdun, 1917 by Felix Vallotton

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Revered" and IGWRT's - Sunday Challenge "Nine Lives"

(Sunday Challenge for IGWRT's is the second poem - based off this first one)

"Domesticated" you think me,
a grey cat beside a grey fence
in your grey back yard,
but with ears pointed, I listen

to an ancient chant,
sensitive whiskers quiver,
respond to Bast's call
summoning me to her temple.

With a blink of green eyes
I may choose to answer,
where drops of my blood
are coveted, my beauty, ideal,

my presence, revered.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-10-2012

The poem below nearly had me tearing my hair out.  It is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toad's - Sunday Challenge.  The stanzas are written in six lines and set out as follows:

xxxxxxa (7 syllables - double rhyme, (feminine)
xxxxb     (5 syllables - single rhyme, (masculine)
xxxxxxc (7 syllables - double rhyme, feminine)
xcxxxb  (6 syllables - single rhyme, masculine & double rhyme feminine on syllables 1-2, C rhyme)
xxxb      (4 syllables - single rhyme, masculine)
xxxxxxa (7 syllables - double rhyme, feminine)

feminine rhyme
noun Prosody .
a rhyme either of two syllables of which the second is unstressed (double rhyme),  as in motion, notion,  or of three syllables of which the second and third are unstressed (triple rhyme),  as in fortunate, importunate.

masculine rhyme
noun Prosody .
a rhyme of but a single stressed syllable, as in disdain, complain.

(I didn't use single rhyme masculine, & "c" was off a bit)  ugh.  This was HARD!

Nine Lives

Bast summons... Do I answer
her ancient divine
chanting?  Oh, Goddess of Ra!

...withdraw into feline
stillness, recline,
reminisce... with eyes amber.

by Margaret Bednar, 11-10-2012

Google the Goddess of Bastet (or Bast) and you may see way cats are mysterious.   I also got inspiration from O'Henry's "Gift of the Magi" (She stood by the window and looked out dully at a grey cat walking a grey fence in a grey backyard.)

The video below is really cool and 30 minutes, but if you love cats and history you might enjoy every minute of it.  It also has fabulous imagery of an ancient land.