Monday, March 8, 2021

Inspired by R.L.S.

Inspired by R.L.S.

Into tiny treetops,
rose & thyme I'd peer,
search for fairies dear.
Imagine rain pools were seas,
floating leaves small ships,
& clover leaves,
shade above my head.

Close my eyes
& seaside I'd be
with wooden spade & sandy shore.

Open them,
find myself nestled
in Old Oak Tree,
spy foreign lands
beyond road, river & sea.

My Shadow, my confidant,
and Wind a song,
Swing pushing me up
into air so blue...

& little birdies
yellow-billed & breasted,
tweeted advice (& chastisement)
in language I understood.

All a gift from poetic verse
& images dear,
my land of counterpane
safe & snug,
me a giant upon pillow-hill
afraid of Dark no more
as Moon had a face
like Clock in the hall.


A Garden of Verse
falls apart in my hands,
dear pages faded & frail,
long since slipped their binding.

Close my eyes,
grown woman cease to be,
child within crystal clear.

by Margaret Bednar, March 8, 2021

This is linked with the GREAT "Poets and Storytellers United - Writers' Pantry #60 - What Got You Started".   My love for poetry I KNOW started with Robert Louis Stevenson and my mom would read "A Child's Garden of Verses" to me every night - and I have the very book.  I love any version of this classic.  I truly believe the inner peace it gave me as a child is part of why I write poetry today.  My poetry is seldom dark - that would do me no good.  But we all write for different reasons...  Anyone who LOVES Robert Louis Stevenson will recognize references within the poem above to his beloved poems...

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Melodrama (junk journal poems)

 The Melodrama (junk journal poems)

Bluebird trilled an almost querulous song this morn,
challenging spring to sprout,
but Shepard's Purse rosettes and Peppergrass pods
are still too green to scatter easily upon March's breath,
a sure sign winter maintains her upper hand -

so Bluebird weaves grass and pine
into an old woodpecker hole 40 feet above ground
and awaits, angelic.

As Blue Jay does, he wings boldly onto feeders rim,
beauty seemingly a privilege exalted
as he drops below, scattering devilish squierrels.

Love doesn't discriminate between sinners and saints,
bird feeders filled as all congregate,
and I behind curtained window
delight in antics of songbird, rodent, and, crow,
of the sweet, stubborn, and selfish.  

by Margaret Bednar, March 3, 2021

This is linked with "Poets and Storytellers United Scribblings #59 - Wait For It" I chose the line "Love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints".