Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Melodrama (junk journal poems)

 The Melodrama (junk journal poems)

Bluebird trilled an almost querulous song this morn,
challenging spring to sprout,
but Shepard's Purse rosettes and Peppergrass pods
are still too green to scatter easily upon March's breath,
a sure sign winter maintains her upper hand -

so Bluebird weaves grass and pine
into an old woodpecker hole 40 feet above ground
and awaits, angelic.

As Blue Jay does, he wings boldly onto feeders rim,
beauty seemingly a privilege exalted
as he drops below, scattering devilish squierrels.

Love doesn't discriminate between sinners and saints,
bird feeders filled as all congregate,
and I behind curtained window
delight in antics of songbird, rodent, and, crow,
of the sweet, stubborn, and selfish.  

by Margaret Bednar, March 3, 2021

This is linked with "Poets and Storytellers United Scribblings #59 - Wait For It" I chose the line "Love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints".


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh, what a delightful outlook you must have!

Helen said...

You brought the scene to life for every person reading this poem. Beautiful!

Old Egg said...

The previous house I owned had an enthusiastic mix of birds that were quite happy to come right up to the back door and play while they washed in the bird bath and argued with each other while waiting to see if we were going to feed them some scraps (as we always did). It was great that they trusted us and came back regularly knowing we were safe.

Jim said...

I feel that your Blues don't know despair but that they are born optimists. Our back yard has turned brown with once frozen parts, yet the little rabbit we saw nibbling and nosing amongs the dried grass seemed not to mind. They were happy for the sunshine.

Jim said...

Gramar problem, "they" in my mind was the rabbits as a whole and should have referenced them and possibly other creatures,

Rommy said...

Birdfeeders are homes to some of the liveliest shows.

Jenna said...

I enjoyed this, especially the personification and characterization of all the birds and squirrels. said...

A vivid poem that put me into the scene as a delighted onlooker.