Friday, March 3, 2023



Silhouetted beneath parasols, Victoria and Sophie
giggle and gossip morning away; Alberts, Theodores,
Virgils roll of syntax tongues as if candy,
"wedding' a word whispered, a word
with countless rules heartily studied and employed.

Louisa scoffs, swirls her gin, longing to replace
ladies "codebook" for adventure, to take on "peculiar",
foreign names, Iguanodon, Plesiosaurus, 
far more spectacular than Alfred or Gilbert.

Oh, to basket the skies through fog and clouds,
skyward balloons her hero, not puffed out chests of men.
To push limits of possibilities, demolish coy for brazen!

To be brave and bold like the falls of River Tess,
tumbling and frothing, not reluctant nor reticent a riddle to be solved!

Victoria asks Louisa why she is smiling.  Louisa sighs,
"I'm thinking about tomorrow."

by Margaret Bednar, March 3, 2023

I'm playing in "Shay's Word Garden - Word List - The Legacy of Ladysmith". I used 13 of the 20 words (only had to use 3):  codebook, foreign, peculiar, spectacularly, syntax, wedding, fog, coy, hero, demolished, reluctant, riddle, river

Also linking up with the fabulous "Poet and Storytellers United Friday Writings #66"


Marja said...

Great write My favourite line "to basket the skies through fog and clouds"

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I like what you've created here — descriptive, evocative and thought-provoking.

Rajani said...

to basket the skies through fog and clouds ... love that!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm with Rajani! That phrase will stay with me, "Oh, to basket the skies through fog and clouds". It evokes so many feels...

Penelope Notes said...

Such a fine tapestry you wove using words. Like everyone here, I like the dreaminess of basketing skies.

Jim said...

Margaret, I'm sure you remember the day before your wedding, here my last day of freedom. That's what I called my three years between marriages. The first was for thirteen, we've just finished fifty happy years last Thursday. No regrets, I think. Your day before, this scary poem perhaps?