Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Then & Now

Then & Now

Barricaded, I breathe deeply
as questions continue,
their bodies slide down 
wooden expanse as if shot,
find slit at bottom of door,
implore to be let in;
writhe, feet beat floor
as reprieve is not granted.

Before me, resplendent,
an array of old friends:
perfume, hair clips,
powdery pinks, delicate lace, bows,
strand or two of bobbles and bits
I caress as old friends, perhaps lovers.

I emerge, their arms and limbs draped
over chaise and lounge,
eyes blink with sleep and surprise
as they whisper, "Mother"?

and I answer with a smile, 
tie apron about my front, 
clean fish, roll dough,
hang laundry...

little ones convinced 
forever more this day
an Angel descended.

by Margaret Bednar, May 12, 2021

Times don't really change that much - I think most mothers will understand this poem.  Linked with "Poets & Storytellers United - Weekly Scribblings #69 - The Hunt".  Am I the only mother who has locked the master bathroom door and looked longingly at makeup and such?   It's been a while since I've felt "desperate" (LOL), but I remember when I had 5 children 10 years and under ... !!   Number six came along five years later.  

I ordered an ephemera package of Paris/France goodies - vintage postcards, magazines, book pages, lace - I will use it in journals I am making.  This is one postcard that came in the pack.  Isn't it lovely?  You can find such treasures (Vintage Book Art, Journals, and Paper Ephemra at : and Instagram: book.and.paper.arts. 


Debi Swim said...

Yes, it is lovely. I can remember crying over the washing machine. It was loud enough to drown my sobs. But, all in all, motherhood is a blessing. Now, I can commiserate with my children as they go through the same feelings.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Vivid and heartfelt, for sure...

Gillena Cox said...

I agree with Debi, motherhood is a blessing. After the time out alone you come out stronger, ready to pick up the challenge again

Stay Safe Margaret


indybev said...

,,,,and one day you look back at those times with fondness, and wonder where the time has gone!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Oh yes, I remember that feeling very well! I even used to say to my husband when he left for work that I felt as if I was being left alone with two wild animals (two babies 19 months apart) – and also that I felt as if I was trying to walk through masses of sticky cottonwool.
Later on, I couldn't even manage to go to the toilet without my kids, some of the neighbours' kids, the cat and the dog all following me in. (At that stage, renovating the house, we didn't have a lock on the door.)
Not that we didn't love our kids, but....

Helen said...

I can certainly relate to the emotions you so beautifully wrote about, three in three years and like you waited five years for number four.

Jim said...

And what is the father supposed to say? My answer is "Love your wife."
I like your picture, "Here are two fishes, who has five loaves?"
That is neat, the company selling stuff like that. We are about to downsize, would you like to come with a pickup and haul some stuff away?
.. said...

So well written, Margaret. I love that postcard.