Friday, February 19, 2021

The Invitation (junk journal poems)

The Invitation (junk journal poems)

Moon silently rises
over hill's sloping shoulders,
loneliness silhouetted
this dark night.

Among the shadows -
faint lights, catlike,
playfully romp,
invite Beloved
to satisfy his longing:

burst into constellations of dance,
love songs, love nips,
sinking into the warm rain
'till dawn.

by Margaret Bednar, February 19, 2021

Write (together)"  The blackout poem I chose was "burst into constellations together" and I also added my own blackout poem inspired by my junk journal.  The website where I get printable graphics from (I signed up for a year) is Graphic Fairy - so very inspiring.  

I am three challenges behind in visiting and commenting but I will catch up this weekend.  I've been busy preparing to be out of commission for a bit - I've been organizing, freezing meals, getting laundry done - as I have an operation scheduled for this Wednesday - a hysterectomy - and a big vertical almost to the belly-button incision it will be!  I guess I'll do anything for breakfast in bed :)  My "new" used laptop computer will come in handy over the next week or so.  


Jim said...

For me this a poem with feelings invited to be awakened, "dance,love songs, love nips . . . " Brrr. . . Good job on the blackening.
Best wishes for your surgery, it sounds like the 'H' and more. I have been praying and will pray more, you, family, the medical group, and the pricedure itself. God is good.
I have an old I-5 laptop that crashed but I think it could become at least a utility machine. I have written and posted for a year plus with this smartphone and sometimes touch up with Mrs. Jim's laptop.

Helen said...

A beautiful and incredibly creative bit of poetry, Ms. Margaret.
Sending hugs, warm healing energy your way and will be thinking of you on the 24th!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Gorgeous poem! Don't worry too much about catching up; you can only do what you can do. Wishing you all the best for the op. said...

Beautiful poetry, Margaret.
Good luck with your surgery, and never worry about catching up.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Love the poem, especially the playfulness of the closing stanza.

I hope all went well with your surgery. Since this is an older post--I've been playing catch up, too--I shall look ahead.