Monday, September 10, 2018


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Heavenward is skyward, as a child
I'd search past clouds, past stars at night
and moon's consecrated light.

In my room, St. Michael
fiery Seraphim
fighting for souls
sword steady



while others,
words mispronounced,
some out of order;
youthful fervor, devout -

billowing curtains, white wings
fluttering, soothing.  Window screen
my confessional, eyes seeking God.

by Margaret Bednar, September 10, 2018

This is for (submitted rather late) "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads-Fussy Little Forms - Nonet".


Anmol (HA) said...

Oh! This reminded me of the frailty of my religious fervor and devotion during childhood. It dissipated later on.
Nevertheless, I love your use of the form, traversing through the stanzas. It tells a story from the beginning to the middle and from there on to the end.
I loved this bit: "I'd search past clouds, past stars at night/and moon's consecrated light/in my room".

Margaret said...

... it seems to dissipate in most adults - but I'm not sure we are the better for it. Maybe we should cling to it a just a little bit?

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Perfect title for this fervent childhood searching. (It dissipated for me too ... but I eventually found a spirituality which suited me better. It wasn't the search I gave up, but unsatisfactory answers.) You describe it beautifully.

Susie Clevenger said...

I love the innocent power of faith a child possesses. You speak so beautifully of its impact on your life. For many reason my spiritual path has taken a different expression, but the wonder of miracles and the inward strength of spirit and soul are strong in my faith.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is so beautiful! Especially love; "I'd search past clouds, past stars at night and moon's consecrated light in my room".❤️

brudberg said...

This makes me remember something I've lost.