Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Turkey Pot Pie"

Turkey Pot Pie

Memories are sometimes
like holiday leftovers.

We pick them apart,
discard hurtful words,
sour looks, rolling eyeballs -

add a dash
of favorite vegetables, a few spices.

Create something that reminds us
of the laughter, welcoming tears
and warm hugs upon arrival -

even consider not brushing teeth
just so the flavor will linger
a little longer.

by Margaret Bednar, December 28, 2013

This is for Friday Flash 55 - a bit past the stroke of midnight - but we just got done playing a highly competitive game of chinese checkers.  It's been a wonderful Christmas break, but I'm glad to be back challenging myself with poetry.

We all know, family and friends are the best part of holidays - but everyone together can be a bit challenging as well!  May our memories shine bright :)


Ginnie said...

When you can fix up leftovers like that, no wonder the kids want to come home! HA! But I know what you mean about how it can all be too much. Astrid has hectic times at work right now and everyone is saying how eager they are to get back to normal! Hang in there....

Kerry O'Connor said...

This says a whole lot about family dynamics. That pot pie looks like it was made with a whole lot of love.

Jenny said...

So true. After 69 years I've accumulated a lot to save and more to discard. Today I'm making turkey soup with lots of new fresh veggies. xo Jenny

hedgewitch said...

Life is a box of turkey leftovers, Margaret, to paraphrase Forrest Gump--you have to make the best of it. ;_) Love the last lines here.

TexWisGirl said...

nice analogy. :)

Maude Lynn said...

This is lovely, Margaret.

Anonymous said...

THAT'S quite tasty! The steam of memory is the kind of perspiration that I prefer. Wonderful as always ! Faithfully Debbie

Unknown said...

Sometimes the leftovers are better than the first time around!

G-Man said...

You CAN cook!!!!!
I knew there was more to you than a pretty face, a creative mind, and a heart of Gold!
Loved your Pot Pie 55
Thanks for playing and sharing. Thanks for your Much Appreciated support, have a Kick Ass New Year!

Brian Miller said...

pot pie is such a comfort food as well...much like the memories....i like the extended metaphor in this margaret....