Sunday, March 17, 2013

IGWRT'S Sunday Mini Challenge "The Parade"

The Parade

He straddles make-believe
giggles, shrieks
as werecat snarls.

Drums boom!

Hands clasp mine
as blood shot eyed
blue wyvern
swivels, stares.

French horns blast!

He presses close
as sun and moon

candy scatters,
fear forgotten

and the parade marches on...

by Margaret Bednar, March 17, 2013

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads "Bring in the Clowns - an emotional challenge".   Kay's husband, Richard Schear took the above three photos in Spain at the Barcelona Rambla.

Wyvern is a dragon and a werecat... think werewolf :)


Kay L. Davies said...

Werewolf? Ooh, yes, dragon and werecat.
Thanks for your response to my prompt, Margaret. I enjoyed it. (And the drums and whistles could have used a French horn here and there.)
None of the little Spanish children seemed afraid. This is part of their culture, and it certainly wasn't done in order to creep me out.

Amrit Sinha said...

I enjoy watching parades ... the distinct colors flow like a dream !!!

Margaret said...

Kay... yes, I'm sure most kids aren't afraid, but perhaps a "tourist" child might be a bit taken aback. I don't know if candy is thrown at parades in Spain, but here in America it is. Thanks for the challenge :)

TexWisGirl said...

very nice.

Ella said...

Yes, I like this and I like clowns, loud drums and parades ;D