Saturday, February 23, 2013

IGWRT's Transforming Fridays "Addax"


Like miniature cutouts
we lie huddled
in a spot of shade,

await twilight
to roam amongst
tussock grass and thorn scrub

slowly, peace-filled,
suffer destiny,
numbers dwindling,

our once grand presence
erased west of the Nile Valley.
Everywhere.  Now

North of Niger, reside,
bottom of the food chain
of animals and mankind,

silhouetted against fate
as our patient shadow
swiftly fades.

by Margaret Bednar, February 23, 2013

This is for Imaginary Garden of Real Toads - Transforming Friday with Hannah.  I took this photo while at Disney World's Animal Kingdom "Safari" tour.  


Amrit Sinha said...

"silhouetted against fate,
our patient shadow
swiftly fading." - poignant !!!

Kerry O'Connor said...

silhouetted against fate

That line speaks for all endangered animals, as does your entire poem. It scares me to think of how many species stand on the brink of extinction.

Jeanne said...

What a lovely photo this is!

Hannah said...

I'm going to have to echo Kerry's comment, Margaret.

Oh, how sad this makes my very soul.

I didn't know they, too, are on the brink of extinction...I looked up why and the regular came up... illegally poached for skin, meat and trophy but I also read tourists chase them in four-wheeler to the point of exhaustion!

SO disturbing.

Thank you for featuring them, Margaret. ♥

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A potent message here - especially "silhouetted against fate". The image of the "patient shadow" fading is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Margaret - I lost my first comment!
But what I wanted to say is that I think first this is a great photo! The horns are so beautifully silhouetted against the animals - It's so great that you took it at Disney. I found that Disney park a bit disappointing - I think my expectations were just way too high - but I think it's great you got such a beautiful photo from the experience.

The poem is lovely too - the silhouettes also so important in it. Thanks. k.

Ella said...

Great photo and your ending so captivated me~
"silhouetted against fate
as our patient shadow
swiftly fades."

Wonderful job with the prompt!

Friko said...

A wonderful photograph to accompany your bitter-sweet words.

Susie Clevenger said...

Fantastic the entire piece, but especially "like miniature cut outs"

Ginnie said...

One could swear you had been on the "real deal."