Wednesday, October 20, 2010

40/365 "Tiny Acorns" Poem by Alex I Askaroff

"Tiny Acorns"
The above photo is my 40th of my 365 day journey.  The acorns are the size of my little fingertip.    The challenge is hosted by Madeline Bea.

I googled "tiny acorns" and came across the following poem.   It really touched my heart and I think it is beautiful.  Please visit his home page by clicking on his name:  Alex I Askaroff.

Alex I Askaroff is also an author and his web page Sewalot can be found by clicking on that name.

Tiny Acorns
by Alex I Askaroff

I hear the birdsong as autumn leaves lay like a chestnut sea,
And gaze with saddened eyes while gentle rain entrances me.
So swift the seasons run this year, so soon the swallows fly.
While church bells toll to summon all for a friend has passed us by.

Oh how the tears do swell with the choir in harmony,
Where angels dwell in every note and where my friend should be.
I dare not glance at others eyes should I feel their pain in me,
This death has shaken all our souls with cold reality.

We stout men of England strong, that grew from soil so rich.
That beat the anvils from our past and learnt their rhythmic pitch,
We walked the path of duty, to earn our right to stay,
But beneath the churchyard yew is where we grudging lay.

What happened to those sunny days and our endless schemes,
When we were tiny acorns amongst a field of dreams.
Wide eyed we raced through life, with our hearts brimming full,
Yet the final flag is a shroud of silk, so harsh and miserable.

Were I to take your hand my friend, were I to grasp it hard,
I'd gladly share half my days though it would mark my card,
Then through the lofty corridors where silent whispers fly,
We'd shout our voices hoarse my friend and laugh until we die.

by Alex I Askaroff


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Rosie Grey said...

Beautiful! And congratulations on your 40th! :-)

rachel june* said...

acorns. love them. and now just a bit more!

Pitterle Postings said...

Oh, that is a beautiful poem. I love your picture too. So happy that you are on your 40th. (I am right about the same place as you in my challenge). It means I am not by myself!!

Ruth said...

Big sigh.