Sunday, October 17, 2010

37/365 & My Son's Poetry Blog

"Friendship & Love
The above photo is 37/365.  Only 328 to go.  It is a photography challenge that anyone can participate in.  See 365 Days - A Photographic Journey
My son has started his own poetry blog.  I am trying to learn the fine ART of poetry and I am coming along s-l-o-w-l-y.  Will is very proud of me when a light bulb goes on in my brain and I get a line or two!
His blog is Songs For a New Millennium.  The first poem he posted is copied below.  Please feel free to follow his blog.  

Tis not in commitment
To love that warrants beauty,
For fickle a girl beauty is indeed, not to be bent
By sorrow and pain filled gazers and dandies,
Eyes gleaming in fleeting hope, without sense,
That their smiles, enwrapped and dependent,
Will have recompense
By her gaze, resplendent,
And perhaps, if in good favor,
Have admiration bestowed on them amorously.
But nay, beauty is a fickle girl. Alas, we love her.
So as the breeze sings melancholy,
And the leaves reflect her lips of flame,
As milky clouds remind of her skin,
When her hair is night, dark and sleek, putting others to shame,
Filled with expectation
And apparitions of loveliness,
I think of the sweet longing,
Hoping for the moment not to pass.
The sweet longing
I loved then,
For a moment,
Lingering in the agony of emotion,
In a short eternity that I underwent.

I then found beauty.
But then the lights were no longer low,
The emotions, so resplendent in ardor, escaped me.
The façade was gone after the show.
Nay tis not in commitment to serve
Love that hold beauty.
Tis in the memory of nerve,
Tumultuous as a stormy sea.
Tis in the very slow-grown enthrallment
Of her melodious voice.
Tis in the memory of through what my heart went
When I told it to her by my choice.
When I told how it was stolen by her raven hair,
By her star-drenched skin,
By her cherry lips at which I’d stare,
And the voice so in apprehension, rife with emotion from within.
Tis not in the resolution itself
Of intricate harmonies and dissonances,
So pleasing to the ear in their discord and wealth,
But in the expectations and resonances
Of this ecstasy,
That resides beauty,
Which is why I told her my love and melancholy,
Letting her forget, and proceeding to flee.
For the wonderful nostalgic memory
Of the shortness of breath,
Would by intimacy,
Certainly be put to death.

By William Bednar


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Rosie Grey said...

Wow, I'm impressed - what a talented family! Thanks for sharing the photo along with your son's poem!

Ginnie said...

That's really incredible, Margaret. I'd love to know how old he is?

Margaret said...

When he wrote this he was 16. He had just seen a girl in a short play and she was Snow White. He is 17 now and doing his senior year at University of North Carolina School of the Arts for Drama. He is boarding and we miss him dearly - but he is only 35 minutes away. Close enough to let us know when he needs help with laundry!!

Will "Never Grow Up" said...

I was actually 17 in three days, at the time. It was on Halloween.