Monday, August 27, 2012

Poetry Jam - What's the genre? "Eyes Once Waltzed"

Eyes Once Waltzed

Eyes once told stories,
beckoned, promised,

upon flickering screen.

Winked wickedly,
fluttered pleadingly,
vampishly flirted,

held torrents of rage,
as sideways glance
hinted of love betrayed,

or love reconciled.
Fluttered as passion
was censored,

but beneath arched brow
desire cavorted

and imagination soared.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, August 27, 2012

This is for Poetry Jam "What's the genre?"  The silent screen fascinated me as a child and recently I saw the movie "The Artist" and LOVED it!  If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor.

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Helen said...

My God! The montage, the background music, your poem ~~ unbelievable! She was so incredibly beautiful!!

(we share the same birth date - September 18)

Mary said...

I just loved "The Artist." Such a wonderful movie, and it definitely seemed very true to the silent movie style. So much can be said with just eyes, a mouth, a turn of the head, a walk. Your poem expressed this well. And thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam!

Karen S. said...

I'm too young to know her from her days on the stage, but once I discovered her a while ago I became so fascinated with her that I wrote an essay for a writer's group, and checked out as many films of hers that I could. I bought the book The Man Who Shot Garbo by C.S. Bull, a great set of photos. She was quite the emigna! I loved the movie The Artist too it's wonderful! especially the doggie too! He's so cool in getting that police man to get moving!

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful write!

Susan said...

Very fine, with great music and visuals. I adored her too and like how you captured her abilities.

PattiKen said...

Love this. Those eyes needed no words to communicate.

Anonymous said...

So charming (and true.) k.

Barbara said...

Beautiful interpretation!

g-man said...

Margaret Bednar....
Mick Jagger had a song called... The Girl With the Far Away Eyes! The song always reminded me of Garbo. Even without that awesome video, your poem gave me shivers.
I know I sound like s broken record but...
What a treasure you are to all of us!!

Hannah said...

Oh, you capture so well the potential in the expressions of eyes. Margaret!! So much can be said without one word. Well written and I'm glad for the movie suggestion...I'm always looking for something worthwhile!

Brian Miller said... it...there is def something alluring about having to rely on more than our words to convey the feeling of the moment...i loved the artist too....smiles....nicely captured margaret...

izzy said...

Really enjoyed your poem and the trailer to the Artist, thanks!

Margaret said...

Thank you, everyone!

g-man -- I NEVER thought I would hear Mick singing country western. Ha! "Far Away Eyes" was quite a surprise. But I liked it - they do a great job with a sappy folk/country song :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Desire cavorted every sumptuous line.

kaykuala said...

'as sideways glance
hinted of love betrayed'

Eyes can tell! How I wished Garbo was there,around this time. Heard much about her. Nice write Marge!


Teresa said...

Eyes truly are expressive. Love this!