Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Morning Fog"

Morning Fog

I raise my arm as if applying
a few chunky brushstrokes of Payne's Gray
to a bashful sunrise and watery clouds

slash vertical strokes for the masts,
horizontal brush for skyline and waves,
find myself framed within a muted Cezanne.

How would he paint me?
Dreamily distant, stoically serious,
or a temptress beside river's edge?

Perhaps he'd use artistic license,
add Mont Sainte Victoire; allow me 
the same freedom before morning's fog lifts.

by Margaret Bednar, March 24, 2015

This is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Tuesday Platform."  I wrote this in ten minutes, trying to just respond to the image I took early one morning while in St. Augustine, FL.   Not sure if this is a completed poem or one that is "in the works".

Monday, March 23, 2015

"Chai Tea"

Chai Tea

Nudity and passion seem improper
however delicately painted upon a teacup.

I hide a smile as Grandmother places linen upon slender lap,
gently nibbles upon a scone, her Wedgwood rose demure upon its saucer;

unaware I follow curve and line of a lily white back,
observe lips pressed beneath a lovers's ribs,
imagine ocean's tide lapping passion's embrace,

burn my tongue on spiced Chai.  Insist on seconds.
Grandmother praises me for being a lady.  I assure her I'm a quick study.

by Margaret Bednar, March 23, 2015 

This is for "Imaginary Garden of Real Toads - Play it Again, Toads!"  I selected the archived challenge:  "Poem sketching"  I may have bent the rules a bit for this one, but I wrote a long list of words evoked by the above image.  I tried to pick four that were quite different and this is what I got.  The four words were:   teacup, passion, grandmother, painted