Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Effervescent and plaintive -
a contradiction or so it seems,
my song, undeciphered

left behind as I rise,
sail into clouds upon ocean's spray
a spirit suspended -
almost an Assumption...

but with one last breath
I mercifully plunge, a gentle behemoth,
back into deep blue's silence
of bubbles, sunbeams, and vibrations -

an underwater sanctuary.
Can you hear my plea?

by Margaret Bednar, March 28, 2017

My dear friend, Toril, is an artist living in the driftless region of Wisconsin.  She can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/torilfineart/ and these fine fellows are for sale (there are actually three of them!) and many other new paintings she will be selling this spring & summer. 

With such beauty, it is daunting putting words to the feelings these images evoke... I am my own worst critic, I'm afraid... 

"Springtime Quest"

Springtime Quest

The curve of his neck seems a metaphor,
not "clothed in thunder" (Job 39:19)
but something serene and comforting -
perhaps more akin to soft summer rain.

His nose tickles, comforts
like no words ever can; lips inquisitive -
searching for sweet treats
I gladly offer.

Ears flick backward, forward
as I test iambic pentameter -
his head nods, warm brown eyes
seemingly approve.  He's easily pleased.

Trees brim with birds, mint green grass
is sprouting, and words flutter & tease me
to reach out, grasp, frame them
within lines and margins.

I lean forward ever so slightly,
send Oberon off into a gallop -
challenge this budding spring day
to escape my poetic lasso.

by Margaret Bednar, March 28, 2017

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The challenge was to write this poem in quadrille form - I thought that meant four line stanzas - not a total of 44 words!  So not to be accused of not following the rules, here is a 44 version:

Curve of his neck's a metaphor
not "clothed in thunder"...

more akin to soft summer rain.

His ears flick backward
as I test iambic pentameter

mint green grass & words flutter -
tease to be tamed within lines & margins

try to defy my poetic lasso

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