Thursday, February 11, 2016

"A Woman's Touch"

A Woman's Touch

So much depends
upon paint color.

Spiced Butternut, Honey Bird,
Sundance...  Hmm, I know: Concord Ivory.

At the end of each day,
when you stroll toward home,

I'll frame myself
behind white lace curtains,

wave.  Kiss you just inside
our Raspberry Truffle door

lead you by the hand
to our back porch swing

hanging between Windham Cream pillars.
Ask you about your day.

At night, black shutters
will frame the Tiffany night light.


Now Dear, do you have any thoughts
as to paint color?

by Margaret Bednar, February 11, 2016

I Invite you to Listen:

This is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Fireblossom Friday - The Red Wheelbarrow"  We had to begin our poem with "So much depends upon" - the famous poem written by William Carlos Williams.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


A Crocus


Beneath bare branched poplars and beech
a pendulous beauty blooms early this year.

Loblolly pines filter a frolicking light
that tickles and teases winter's garden;
tries coaxing a crocuses' fate to quickly blossom and fade -

make way for buttery daffodils, bursting catkins,
and bountiful Spring.  But I'm in no hurry
as snowdrop's milky white still delights.

By Margaret Bednar, February 9, 2016

You are invited to listen:

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Flash 55 Plus (use a foreign word) - mine is "Komorebi" which is Japanese for "sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees".

Also linking with Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Tuesday Platform.