Monday, March 21, 2011

Poetry Book Giveaway; Abandonment, a short poem; 176-177/365

Photo courtesy of Toril
The photos today were captured by my friend when she took a trip to South America.  I love these images and would love to paint them someday and I also think they are fine examples of what I call photographic poetry!  She is also a fabulous artist but life has gotten in they way and she isn't painting much anymore.  I am really blessed to have a few of her paintings in my home.

I stumbled upon a blog that I wanted to give attention to: Kelli Russel Agodon's - Book of Kells.  Her March 20th post announces a Big Poetry Giveaway which begins Thursday, March 24 - guidelines will be given as to HOW to participate - either via giving away one's own books or chapbooks - or two of their favorite poetry books.  Of course, one  can just sign up to enter to win the drawings!  Last year, 50 bloggers participated, giving way 100+ books plus a few subscriptions to literary journals.  How FUN is this?
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Photo courtesy of Toril
I'm working on One Stop Poetry's "One Stop Poetry Form".  This Monday and next the poetry form "Rondel" will be looked at closely.  The rhyme scheme is ABba, abAB, abbaA.  Capital letters are the refrains, the meter is typically 8 syllables, and often written in iambic tetrameter "da DUM da DUM" or heartbeat.   I'm working on it but it might not get finished until next Monday as it takes me a little time to mull this one over.  Check it out and try it for yourself!

Photo courtesy of Toril
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And the photo below is for "Movement in March".  Do you see the happy bumblebee?

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Also, the last photo is for "Creative Exchange".  At Lisa's blog today, she is participating in "1000 Cranes for Japan".  The flicker site which I have highlighted, is beautiful to look at.  I think my daughters might like to do this as they are good with this sort of thing... my origami only inspires a free throw to the garbage can!  These two last photos a part of my "365 Photorgarphic Journey" - I'm half way through!

Racing alongside spring's first breeze 
a moment of abandonment, enjoyed,
as only a child knows how.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, 3-21-11
for the March Challenge - prompt: reflect upon being at a child's level


Tess Kincaid said...

I must check out Kell's giveaway! Thanks for the heads up. (I'll keep you son in mind, if, and when, I ever tire of the hat.) :^)

Kala said...

Beautiful color and details in "Movement in March".

lisa said...

This is such a wonderfully happy photograph Margaret!
Love it!
Thank you for the info on Kell's giveaway, for passing on information about 1000 Cranes, and for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Lui said...

Hi, Margaret!
I think I lost my comments!
I love the dog and the bee pictures.
I will be making the crane.

Carol Blackburn said...

Love your friends photo of the statue with the vine growing on it.....superb.

Pat said...

I love that last photo - such fun! Your friend's photos from South America are beautiful - I can see why they inspire you to paint!

trisha said...

those pictures are truly beautiful margaret. loved the haiku. childhood is really beautiful.

G-Man said...

Short Poem indeed!

Short and sweet!

Margaret said...

Tess - I thought of you right away, you with your new chapbook!

Lisa - Not a perfect photo, but happy indeed! :) Kell's giveaway sounds so fun!

Lui - Yes, you would love a good dog photo - I really enjoy your snapshots of your faithful companion!

Carol - You are free to draw and paint it if you like... I'm going to be giving it a wirl soon. I'm rearranging my art room first, though.

Pat - Yes, when I see photos like this, I wish I could travel the world!

Trisha - It is truly a gift to the adult when one spends time with a child. Just go for a walk and they will open one's eyes to things otherwise unseen.

G-Man - :) Thank you! I am reminded everyday to LOOK closer at things with my little guy around. My oldest son (when he is home) sleeps in 'till 1:00pm or so... but there was once a time he was like this too.

Jingle said...

lovely shots..
short is cute.

Rosie said...

Such a wonderful post again! I never know where to begin to tell you how much I love everything!

LisaF said...

LOL! Origami inspiring a free throw to the garbage can is my line as well! So I'm with you on this one. Love the photo of the *puppy* and little boy...and the prose is perfect.

Margaret said...

Jingle, Rosie - :) Just documenting the kids and animals. Can't imagine what I would do without them. Thanks!

Lisa F - :) I really did try origami once. Everyone laughed at it. Thank you.

Ginnie said...

You know that the last image just grabbed my heartstrings! :)