Sunday, March 20, 2011

Immortal Influence, a poem 173-175/365

Photo courtesy of James Rainsford for One Stop Poetry
Immortal Influence

Indelible impressions molded and carved,
expressions frozen, evoking sentiments, strong.
Life's vitality, offered a second chance.
Toppled are some.  Idols no longer,
voices silenced, memories banished.
But some are revered, stirring hearts and
motivating minds with influence immortal.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, 03-20-11

This is for One Stop Poetry's Sunday's Picture Prompt Challenge.  The featured guest interview was with James Rainsford.  He is an amazing photographer (HERE) and a lovely poet (HERE) and (HERE).  He is a twice published author and I encourage you to sit back and enjoy his work.

For me, poetry is something that I must read everyday, practiced everyday in some way in order to improve.  Word jotted down in a little journal - at times, thoughts scribbled upon a napkin.  Poetry is work for me, but a challenge I enjoy.  To have even embarked on this sort of writing amazes me as I really have a lot of insecurity with what I am doing... Critiques are always welcomed here - my goal is to improve.  I am always searching for poets to read, to absorb.  My son just read William Blake to me in the car and I loved the way his words flowed (didn't understand them all, but I will have to go back on my own and investigate).

I have attached a copy of "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde about a statue and a swallow.  It ties in nicely to the photo prompt, I think.  Please click HERE to read it.

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Sunday Creative Word Prompt:  "Magnified"

Yesterday was a perfect day to enjoy the out of doors.  I think we walked 5 miles and stopped many times along the way.  When I am with my three year old son, life is magnified.  The smallest things fascinate him and this is one example.  He insisted on peering at the edge of the water - always looking for fish or frogs.  He was rewarded with a turtle backing out of the bank.  I almost didn't capture this big  turtle before it quickly swam into the deep water.  Does anyone recognize what kind this is?

The photo below is today's shot for "Movement in March".  This is not just some random guy running past me.  It is my husband helping me capture an action shot.  :)

I have taken a number of photos of this same sweet spot.  He loves to throw stones into the water here.  This is for this week's "Black & White Wednesday". 

And following is a photo that you are free to download and do with it what you will.  Please just give me credit for the photo and if you add a texture or paint it, please let me know as I would like to see it.  On my side bar is a "button" of which you can click and see other "give-away" photos.  Thank you.  


dustus said...

When one's work/teachings influence successive generations, it's difficult to make the case against immortality. Excellent poem.

Pics: what a turtle! Despite the cutting of your husband's head and shoulders, nice focus on the action shot. But that last pic, wow... captures the essence of a child's curiosity. Awesome.

Brian Miller said...

what a cool turtle...i really like your poem...i find it interesting who we as society choose to immortalize or maybe they chose themselves and we just walk by...some are inspiring and others really should be toppled...made me think of the statue of hussein coming down...

Carol Blackburn said...

WOnderful,, you've created such beautiful blogs.

texwisgirl said...

That's definitely a snapping turtle so don't let little one get his fingers too close! :)

justine said...

I love all your photos for the challenges, wow you are so creative!

Patty Ann said...

Love all the photos as well as the poem. You always do such a wonderful job!

Ginnie said...

Interestingly, Margaret, I have quoted William Blake in my V&V post today...not that I understand him either! I just loved the sychronicity. :) And you know I adore that little boy of yours!

Ruth said...

Beautiful photographs.

I love reading poems aloud. That always helps me as I write too, to see if I change anything reading that isn't there on the page, then I usually change it on the page too.

You have so much creativity. It's wonderful!

JL Dodge said...

Creative and beautiful, words that describe you and your blog very well !

Margaret said...

Dustus, Love the thoughtful reply to my poem - thank you. Yes, one's words do make one immortal in a way.

Brian - THEY choose to make themselves immortal and we walk by... so love that thought! I think it is a beginning of a great poem that you should write...

Carol - :) Thanks, once again.

Texwisgirl - !! I thought it was a snapping turtle. Thanks for the heads up!

Justine & Patty Ann - Thank you. Justine -this has been a hard challenge month!

Ginnie - I will hop over later tonight -and come to think of it, I saved your blog and didn't get to it last week! Egads. I will have a nice look through tonight!!

Ruth - Yes, reading aloud often means doom and destruction to what I just wrote! But ever so important as what seems wonderful turns out to be a "dog" and needs further thought.

JL Dodge - Such lovely words! I don't think of myself as creative and beautiful as it is often almost painful to share what I do as I think it could/should be so much better! But, I really thank you for your compliment!

Anonymous said...

Love all the images.
The turle certainly is magnified! :)

Anonymous said...

That turtle is the highlight of the post......reminded me of my childhood when I had a pet turtle in a 20 feet deep tank :)

Margaret said...

Joan and Coolkamikazecat - The turtle was such a surprise! I now realize the turtle we had last year walk across our yard (rather quickly too, I was surprised) was a snapping turtle. Probably on the way to the pond to lay her eggs. I had run in to get my camera and by the time I returned, the kids said she was gone! I thought they were slow! Thanks for stopping by.

Doctor FTSE said...

Your photograph of the little lad at the water's edge is very good. It captures his concentration perfectly. I could wish his profile was turned just a shade more towards your camera. Also, I love the grayscale. Colour just ain't right for some subjects.
But . . where's yer Magpie#58!!

Margaret said...

I SO tried to get him to change his profile, but he was too focused on running back and forth for stones. We walk by this place often and I know I will have many opportunities. Thanks for inquiring about my Magpie #58! I have been busy with my daughter in her musical play ... she is Cinderella and I visited my son at the university - he wrote one of the short plays and it was great! I'm hoping to get it done by Sunday morning... but these past two topics have been hard for me! :)

Spittin Toad said...

Love all your pics..but my favorite is hands down your son by the waters edge! :-)

Log Cabin Studio said...

I love the photo of your son by the waters edge..just beautiful.