Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reassuring Embrace - a poem

Photo Courtesy of Sean McCormick for One Shoot Sunday

Reassuring Embrace

The words meant for comfort,
for glory,
are hollow to my ears.

Turbulent emotions inside me,
straining for release.

With lowered eyes,
I retreat, silently.
Prayers grow faint.

Fresh air, inhaled,
splashing glorious color
upon my soul.

My eyes see differently.
The world is not colorless;
it is a rainbow.

I walk towards my sanctuary,
its silhouette
calmly reassuring.

I enter the glowing warmth.
Gray weathered boards tinged with blue
embrace me like a butterfly's sapphire wings
and I can soar, far, far away.

To a better time, a better place,
where individuality is admired,
creative minds applauded,
fairness pursued,
differences tolerated.

by Margaret Bednar

This poem is for One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday. The photo above is the prompt for the poem.  Please click HERE to see other entries.  The guest photographer being interviewed is Sean McCormick and his website is HERE.

Below are photos I took while driving through Wisconsin.  Truly a spot where one's spirit is easily uplifted by God's creation. (and yes, the kids did whine "WHY are we stopping for pictures AGAIN!")


M.L. Gallagher said...

I love the idea of being embarced by blue butterfly wings.

Really nice.

Louise G

forgetmenot said...

Oh my gosh, Margaret---that poem is wonderful!!
Beautiful idea with beautiful words. Excellent!! Mickie ( P.S.--I too, have spent 100's of hours waiting in the car for kids--mine weren't as productive as yours).

Brian Miller said...

nice. i like the flow from prayer to the fresh air as it often is for me...nicely done...

Bonnie said...

As Brian suggests - a poem opens us up to see all that is offering itself to us - as the way you have composed your post implies.

dustus said...

Bravo on for that last stanza; think you just expressed what many of us feel. "The world is not colorless" indeed it is not, though our perceptions and sense organs may render it so... Excellent writing, Margaret. Some really nice photos too.

rmpWritings said...

"splashing glorious color / upon my soul." "embrace me like a butterfly's sapphire wings / and I can soar, far, far away."
You paint a beautiful picture.

signed...bkm said...

"The world is not is a rainbow" lovely image and so, so ture...thank you...bkm

Celestial Dreamz said...

you spoke my mind there ... but I wouldn't have been able to express it so beautifully and so powerfully. Loved coming to your blog. all the best :)

Ginnie said...

It's a very touching poem, Margaret. It makes me want to know more....

Did I ever tell you I lived in Wisconsin for 4 years? Madison. It's a wonderful state. I grew to love it as much as my home state of Michigan!

Mama Zen said...

Gorgeous take on the picture!

Margaret Bednar said...

I visited all your blogs and the creativity and talent amazes me! Thank you for visiting and commenting - it really does inspire me to keep trying. I had no idea what to write about when I saw this photo - my mind flittered all over the place and I even said "I cant' do this". I'm glad you all liked it.

This poem started out with me thinking about the "olden" days and how strict things were. But in many circles today, it isn't much different. Too much intolerance and "our way is the only way". The greatest thing we can do is treat "love" as a verb. Try to understand and look more closely at ourselves before we comment on others...

Ruth said...

Yes, thankfully church life has changed from when I was a kid. I appreciate the poem for what you long for . . . I long for it too.

The photos from Wisconsin are gorgeous!

Margaret Bednar said...

Ruth - All around Lake Michigan there is amazing beauty, as you know. I stood and looked at that farm for at LEAST 20 minutes. The kids were not pleased... but oh well. (like I never wait for them!...) I do like being in a church and I do find comfort there, but there are times when sometimes when I am in an organized prayer group setting in someones home, I find it a bit claustrophobic. "Structured" prayer has always been hard and boring for me. I much prefer reading saints writings or the bible - maybe that is why I like poetry so much - it draws something out of me. For example, I love the rosary. But said in my OWN way, my own "structure", my own meditation - which might be very short or very long. Saying it with a group takes out the "personal" for me - and I NEVER say all the repetitions... Some of my friends would keel over if they new I said that! :)

Steve Isaak said...

Nice fantasy poem. I hope you find a way to make that a consistent reality in your corner of the world. Solid work.

Margaret said...

Like 99% of my poems, they are fiction but based on something from inside. I was all over the place with this poem and I did think the photo definitely has a fantasy feeling.