Friday, February 4, 2011

Ruth's Bluebird painting!, and 3 Haiku poems, 129/365

This little bluebird flew all the way from Michigan.  I was the lucky one randomly selected by Ruth of Synch-ro-ni-zing celebrating her 5 years of  blogging.  Ruth has a heartwarming story of finding two bluebirds.  Click HERE to read the speciific blog post.

Her blog is one of the first I followed and I look forward to each post - I never fail to be spellbound by her photos, poetry, and of life's reflections that pour from her soul.  Give yourself a treat and wander over and check out this wonderful place to stop and rest a while.

And this little guy has a special place on my wall in my kitchen/hearth room.  Thank you, Ruth!  I just love this little bluebird!


I glimpse you
flittering in the woods
behind my house.

Oh little bluebird, 
peeking from
your lofty perch.

I raise my camera 
and you coyly, 
shyly dart off.

Precious moments
breath held, waiting
for you to reappear.

A flash of blue; you are back.
Serious gaze meets curious. 
Spirits soar, we share a moment, uplifting.

We are about the same things:
feeding, caring, protecting.
Flitter, flash, and off you fly.

 You display your charms and
inspire with beauty, unique.
Like my lovely friend, Ruth.

By Margaret Bednar

* * * 

The following are my haikus for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  I have accepted a challenge for the month of February to write one haiku a day.  Click HERE to see other entries for the photo prompt below.

Challenge #4: Photo...

Life's orange aura
Pissaro, Van Gogh, Cezanne
Dynamic portrait

I can't imagine the following artists without this color on their palettes.  It vibrates with life and emotion.  As does the painting above - due in large part, I believe, to the color orange.

"Painting by Pissaro"
"Painting by Cezanne"
"Painting by Van Gogh"

Challenge #5:  The Word Cynosure.

Local Attraction
Brilliant, intriguing jewel
Asheville's cynosure

Challenge #6:  Photo...  (click HERE for other entries for this photo prompt)
Penetrating gaze
Arched wings over pools of blue
Betrayal displayed

The photo below of the geese is for "Weekend Reflections #72".  I love how the trees are reflected in the water.  I walked a few times in the "Bog" garden this week for the first time and really enjoyed it.   Many people were feeding the ducks and geese, but these two were off on their own, uninterested in food (they were probably full!)  The geese, bridge and fence are also a part of "Patterns & Repetitions in February".

And if you want to see why I packed everything in today's post, then click HERE and scroll to the bottom.  It is my Creative Writing blog and I have a Flash Fiction 55, but below the story is the "handsome" reason I will be distracted this weekend...


Jingle Poetry said...


Really Rainey said...

Beautiful art and photos!


Pat Tillett said...

Several nice photos! gotta love those honkers!

Someone is Special said...

Beautiful Haiku! I enjoyed your take on the image and wonderful pic and poems.. Happy to have you in the challenge..

Someone is Special

Ruth said...

Margaret, I love to see that the bluebird arrived safely from the farm, all the way down to you in NC. And what an honor you give, this poem, and the painting's special place by your hearth. How I love that! And it's interesting what you say about the color orange in those paintings. So true. And even my little tole painting has orange, ha! :)

'Tsuki said...

This goose reflection is quite stunning by its composition... Nice text too.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the twist, nice Haiku :)

Vicki Lane said...

Whew! An abundance of beauty!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

SO much richness in one post! Fantastic.

My Day #6 Challenge, even if I thought it was "eyes" in general, not the image.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post--art and poetry. Such a nice assortment of creative inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I like how you saw betrayal :)
great one!

Ginnie said...

THANK YOU for showing us sister Ruth's tole painting! I can just picture it in your house, inspiring you every time you see it. I know it inspired her to paint it for you.

Someone is Special said...

So many collections loved it..

Someone is Special

Someone is Special said...

especially the Haiku for eyes, it conveyed so much..

Someone is Specia

Margaret Bednar said...

Jingle, Really Rainey, Pat & Someone - Thank you. I have been surprised with my "photo a day" challenge - I have so far found wonderful things to photograph - and it helps I live near a few ponds and lakes! Pat - I have more geese photos in the days to come.

Ruth - I'm glad you liked the post - the poem was hastily done, but sometimes those come out a bit more heartfelt - if not as "poetically perfect" as they should probably be. And you're right - the orange in the bluebird ties in with my post! LOL

Tsuki, Lynnaima, Vicki & Julie - There was a lot packed in this post. I had a busy weekend - husband in "Nunsense Amen" (an all men play) and what fun we had laughing through that silly play. Glad you enjoyed the photo & poetry.

Liv2write2day, lynnaima, and Someone - Thanks. The prompts and challenges certainly help with creativity and inspiration. Most of my poems wouldn't have been written without them.

Ginnie - :) I do so love the bluebird. And the slice of wood it is on - a tree from her yard - how precious is that?