Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Haiku, "Yearning", 141/365

My youngest is now 3 years old and I think of him still as my baby.  But when I see a newborn or small infant, the above photo of me with my youngest, or see the picture prompt below, a strong maternal tenderness runs through my body, my soul.  I think most women are like this, something we all share.  I don't think of all the sacrifices, sleepless nights, worry - I just want to hold a sweet baby...  And as much as women today deny this "urge", whenever I entered a room with my sixth child (I was an "older" mother), I was NEVER allowed to hold him.  He was swooped up and loved by my friends.  Today, I still snuggle with my youngest at night, it is the sweetest part of my day as he most likely will be my last baby.

Two souls connecting
Nurturing and protecting
Maternal yearning 

by Margaret Bednar
for the Haiku Challenge
* * * * *

 This is a statue in a nearby park.  I love the intricate folds and detail in her dress and armor.  This is for "Repetitions and Patterns in February" as well as my march towards completing the "365 daily Photographic Challenge".


Tess Kincaid said...

Three is such a sweet age. My youngest is 24 and it seems like just yesterday I was holding his cream-puff hand.

Mary Lou said...

My oldest is 40 and my youngest 37 and I can still remember how they smelled after a bath. Mothering lasts forever.
Love the statue and the cats looking out the window.
I enjoy your blog. And you.

Patty Ann said...

Oh love it. I just try and cherish every moment with them. They grow so very fast!

Ginnie said...

That maternal instinct is also very strong in me, Margaret, whenever I see an infant. It's not 100% across the board for all women, however, because Astrid is NOT drawn to babies. She had one and only one (now a 22-yr-old son) but only because her then husband wanted a child. She would have been very happy never to have had a child...except for the fact that now she has him, she is so glad! She adores him to death.

Ruth said...

I am drawn to babies. To hold them, look into their eyes, and believe they are closer to the source than I am, I love this.

Sweet photo of you and your youngest. My youngest loved to cuddle for a long time too. Now he's 28! I still get some good hugs, thankfully, though he isn't as chubby as he was then, in fact he's very thin. :)

lisa said...

The first photograph is just precious Margaret, and LOVE your haiku!

By the way, my son at 21, is still, and will always be "my baby." Some of the most wonderful things never change!

Margaret said...

Tess, Mary Lou, Patty Ann, Ginnie, Ruth & Lisa - I guess we all realize how sweet these days are/were. I heard a newborn baby last night in Target - that urgent cry of no more than a few weeks. I SWEAR I felt a "let down" of my milk. (and that IS impossible). I thought it was funny as I had just posted this that morning! Thank all of you for your comments - I love them. Busy day today - another sick child at home - caught the flu bug this time. Hope it doesn't spread to the others.