Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Haiku, "Solitude", 140/365

Reserved, thoughtful
Attitude of detachment
Noble Solitude

The above is for the "Haiku Challenge" - daily word or photo prompt for the month of February. Today's word was "Solitude".  Solitude doesn't always have to mean getting away from everyone and everything.  Maybe it can also mean drawing inward, concentrating on the task at hand.  Or, not going along with peer pressure - being able to stand up and dare to be different.

The photo below is for my "Patterns and Repetitions for February". I took this last summer, but I thought it went well with the above photo.

My photo for my "365 Day Photographic Journey" is below.  My cats were "nose to nose" with a bird this morning - all that separated them was glass.  The bird flew into the window and was on its side for quite a while and then he sat up and looked back at the cats for quite a while, and then finally flew up into a tree.  I think cats aren't the only ones with "9 lives".


Someone is Special said...

solitude haiku and thanks for the pics, the pic of the cats are awesome..

Someone is Special

Bonnie said...

I always love your haikus - but your pics thrill me!

Carol Blackburn said...

Great Haiku and photos, Margaret. Like your comment about "9 lives" it is true.

Margaret said...

Someone - thanks! This haiku was the hardest for me to write so far!

Bonnie - That just thrills me to hear that! I am so longing for a new camera - probably a Cannon - but that won't happen until next Christmas, most likely. Until then, I struggle along with my limited options.

Carol - I was afraid the neighbors cat was going to come slinking along. My 3 year old son would have been devastated! The little bird was on the ledge for over an hour.

Rosie said...

How beautiful, Margaret! Those cat photos are really amazing!

Ginnie said...

The colors of the peppers are just glorious, Margaret, and those cats at the window are priceless. I really like how you see things!