Thursday, February 17, 2011

Haiku, "Unravel", 142/365

Needles click, clack, pearl one
knit two.  Kitty stalks, pounces.
Yarn unravels fast.

by Margaret Bednar
for February's "Haiku Challenge"
today's word is "ravel"

* * * * *

The above photos were taken at Pond Hill Farm in Harbor Springs, Michigan a couple of summers before.  I'm pressed for time so I dug into my plethora of archival photos and came up with this for "Patterns and Repetitions in February".  

I participate in the weekly "Magpie Tales Challenge" and usually write a poem.  This week, I decided to write a Friday Flash 55 - to read it, please click HERE to be transported to my Creative Writing blog.

Memories linger
of dear faces, carefree times
and innocent hearts


justine said...

that is a lovely cat and I love your water lillies

Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful Haiku and photos, Margaret. Water lillies are so precious.

Kristen Haskell said...

This is such an incredibly charming Haiku. I have two cats and they both would love to get their paws on my yarn. I pretty much cannot knit with those two around!

Jingle said...

love lotus pond images,

well done Haiku.

Margaret said...

Justine, The lilies weren't exactly a "February" photo, but the repetition is nice. And my kitty is rather spoiled!

Carol, Kristen, & Jingle - Thank you. I just love Monet's paintings of his gardens...

hmuxo said...

Carol was right! these are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

What a vivid image you painted of kitty unravelling the yarn, nice! The pics are also quite lovely :)

Someone is Special said...

"A smile a day keeps the death away", this is a package of happiness.. Thanks for all the good work..

Someone is Special

Margaret said...

Hmuxo - If you see a photo that inspires you, please let me know. I'm sure I would be more than pleased if you wanted to draw it. I think your pastels are quite lovely.

Lynnaima & Someone - thank you. It is fun doing this Haiku challenge together!