Friday, February 18, 2011

Haiku, "Life's Quest", 143/365

My first Photoshop edit.  I had a few dust specs on this flower and I added my signature (which I think I need to make a bit larger).  I would love to drop the word "Photography" and add the copyright logo - the "c" with a circle.  Does anyone know how to do that?   This is the last flower that my son gave me for Valentines day - it never completely opened up, but the beauty of a rose is it is magnificent in all stages.
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The following are for Friday, Saturday & Sunday - February's "Haiku Challenge"

Photo courtesy of "The Haiku Challenge"
Morning's veil rises
opportunities await
Life's quest continues

by Margaret Bednar
prompt:  the above photo
* * *

Photo by Margaret Bednar
Laughter and friendship
Excitement for a new year
Beautiful debris 

by Margaret Bednar
word prompt: "debris"

* * *

Photo courtesy of "Haiku Challenge"
Oh Sweet Salvation
Your nectar provides me with
Everlasting hope

by Margaret Bednar
prompt: the above photo
* * * * *

The above photo is a bit overexposed, but I loved the reflection in the horses eye.  This if for Newtown Area Photo's "Weekend Reflections #74."  There are some wonderfully creative photography in this challenge, not to mention the host's own work on his other blog "Something Sighted". 

And of course, my "Patterns & Repetitions for February".  Friday - Sundays submissions are listed below.  These photos were all taken from Harbor Spring, Michigan's "Pond Hill Farm".  I planted my first and only (organic) garden there, on a plot I rented for the summer a few years back.  It was a lot of fun and a beautiful place to work in the dirt!

I loved the repetition in the barn windows and pumpkin vines...

and in the hanging flower pots hanging from the porch and the barn and stores wooden siding...

and of nature itself in the tall trees in the background, the sheep dotting the field and the fence posts. 


Bonnie said...

The rose is fabulous!!

There is a copyright symbol in Photoshop (cookie cutter tool I think). And if you type four numbers on your number pad while holding SHIFT you get it too. You will have to google for the four digits as I forget them right now. Good luck!

Mike Patrick said...

You created a haiku to challenge the day. Beautiful.

Pat Tillett said...

I've always like horse's eyes! Now I like them better!

Kristen Haskell said...

Each day is full of surprises and this post today was my favorite surprise!

Margaret said...

Bonnie - Thank you, I have SO much to learn it is daunting. Great thing I think it is fun!

Mike - :) Every day is a new chance. Glad you liked it and commented. Thank you.

Pat - Most horses have kind eyes - The guy I photographed was looking for fresh green grass I think....

Kristen - And thank YOU for the surprise movie recommendations on your blog! Can't wait to check out Colin Farrell!

Morning said...

you take us to magical places here.

Thanks for sharing.

forgetmenot said...

Margaret, Where do I start? The haiku are so well done--"Life's Quest" and "Beautiful Debris" are wonderful (so are both pictures). The reflection picture is SO clever. And I love all the "patterns and repetition" shots. There, did I cover it all!!! I always love to come to your blog--new and interesting things everytime. Thanks for your nice comments on my posts---isn't the "chalk guy" incredible! Have a nice weekend. Mickie

Patty Ann said...

I loved all of them today. the Rose is totally exquisite. I think you did an amazing job!!

Someone is Special said...

Life quest continues.. Wow, great..

Someone is Special

trisha said...

gorgeous collection of photographs. Loved all the haikus, esp the one about debris, today's prompt.

i too loved the reflection caught on that horse's eye.


Ruth said...

The rose that didn't open all the way is beautiful.

My favorite haiku was this one:

Laughter and friendship
Excitement for a new year
Beautiful debris

I use the copyright symbol from, under Create, Stickers, photo licenses.

'Tsuki said...

Nice set of pictures ; I just love the second one, with the tree and the boat frozen... The composition on it is perfect.

sonsy lass said...

Uplifting and surprising - I enjoyed this haiku!

Anonymous said...

A lovely collection of haikus and photos,Margaret. You are so talented.

James said...

I'm always amazed when I see photos of reflections in horse's eyes. I also love the barn with the big hay rolls. What a great collection of shots!

Ray said...

Beautiful shots! I love the first one!

Someone is Special said...

Nice package.. Thanks..

Someone is Special

Bonnie said...

Hi Margaret,

The copyright symbol code is:

Press "Alt" while typing 0169 in your numeric keypad. It does not work if you type using the numbers above your letters on your keypad.

Rosie said...

Such a wonderful post again, Margaret! I couldn't say what I like most - everything is so special!

Margaret said...

Wow. So many visitors and I thank you all! I've had a busy weekend and didn't get much blogging time. I can't wait to see what you posted over the weekend! I will enjoy your blogs with my morning coffee!

Anonymous said...

Great compositions with photo additions for all three days ... enjoyed each one with delight! Thank you for sharing!

Ginnie said...

Just beautiful...from top top bottom, Margaret, and so packed full of themes. I love it all but I'm a big sucker for sheep. :)

Margaret said...

Morning - Many of these places are magical - I just love going to the farms! Thank you.

Mickie- !! Thank you. You made me smile. :)

Patty Ann - The Rose is my first Macro with a tripod and a 2 second delay timer. I think it really helped.

Someone - Thanks for the prompt! The poem was created because of you!

Trisha - I must confess, I didn't notice the reflection in the horses eye until I saw it on the computer screen. Thank you!

Ruth - :) Thanks for reading my poetry! I found how to get it from my Macs keyboard (I LOVE my Mac) - but I am so underutilizing the Mac's potential... My daughter gets on and zip, zip, zip, she is doing things in seconds that takes me 30 minutes... But, what takes me 30 minutes, takes John an hour or longer. SO there! :)

Tsuki - thank you! The tree & boat photo are not mine, but I agree - it is wonderful.

Sonsy Lass & Liv2write2day - Very kind and thank you! A few months ago I would NEVER have believed I could even write one poem. We are our own worst critiques.

James - Thank you. The barn with hay rolls- We were backing out to leave when I saw them. My kids all screamed "No", but as you see, I took the photo! :)

Ray - Thank you. I'm happy with the way the rose came out too. :)

Rosie - :) You are very kind! Thanks for always boosting my spirits!

Beccagivens - I'm thrilled you were "delighted". Made my day!

Ginnie - Sheep! Me too. My garden was right next to the sheep fence. They would amble up and stick there nosed through. They had a WHOLE pasture and they wanted at my few rows of greens. LOL Oh, there was also a boy goose (gander?) who herded the sheep around. They finally got him his own "harem" (gaggle?) of girl geese (what are they called?) and he finally left the sheep alone. :)

Bonnie - Thank you! I think I found a Mac OSX Snow Leopard Keyboard Menu Tab that will allow me to just type it out as well... Why do things have to be so complicated? :) (I don't have a numeric keyboard - just the over the letter #'s. Thank you so much for responding!