Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Magpie Tale #47, "If Only", 97/365

War and Peace - one of many age old, continuous struggles

If Only

Life is comprised of repeated battles, the
Back and forth, "the crazy 8", exhausting.
The combat zone senseless, often
Unrelentingly seen in black or white.
Similarities stubbornly unobserved, 
Ignored until the eleventh hour; 
Usually too late.  Extreme attitudes 
Clashing, a gray centrality ignored. 
Vigor of power effortlessly dominating
The subservient and impaired.
Frugality forever squabbling with 
Extravagance, masquerading as love.
Accounts of daily conflicts, unceasing.
Respectfulness and understanding, fleeting.
If only the world was balanced and tolerance held high,
But, alas, hostility rhythmically teeters on.

by, Margaret Bednar

The above poem is my response to the challenge for Magpie #47, hosted by Tess Kincaid of "Willow Manor".  The image below was provided by Tess Kincaid and was our inspiration for this week's challenge.  I'm not sure if I actually succeeded in getting my thoughts across - it reads a little more hopeless than I intended, but maybe that is how I feel at times when I am confronted with the news, etc.  


Patty Ann said...

I like it. Sometimes we can all feel a little hopeless. I love the last stanza.

Paul C said...

I like the 'crazy 8' of battles and tensions. They seem interminable. If only there was more balance and toleration...

Margaret Bednar said...

Patty Ann and Paul C, I did a bit of a "redo" on this poem. I need to learn to hold onto a poem for a day and work the kinks out. Thank you for liking it the first time, though!

Berowne said...

Vigor of power effortlessly dominating... Good!

izzy said...

Love your photo's-
The "push and pull" of crazy eight in
dark and light. Relentless. Thanks!

Rosie said...

I love the portraits - so beautiful! And such a lovely poem!

Helen said...

Your Magpie and photos are wonderful!!! Crazy Eights indeed ....

Tess Kincaid said...

I like that "crazy 8". Lovely daughters!

Doctor FTSE said...

Margaret . . I'm with you on your comment to Patty and Paul C. I do think responding to "prompts" and "challenges" makes one write to fast, usually to the detriment of the poem. But your redo has turned out a satisfying Magpie.

Margaret Bednar said...

Berowne, thank you - you a lover of Shakespeare, the compliment extra exciting.

Izzy, I at time think my life is a crazy eight... but a good one! :) Thanks for the compliments.

Rosie, I hope daily practice with poetry (writing) and photography will help me improve. Thanks.

Helen, Awe, thank you. I always enjoy your takes on the prompts.

Tess, Again, thanks for the challenge. I had a lot of self-doubts with this one!

Dr. FTSE, But, if the prompts weren't there, I would probably never pick up the pen in the first place. And thanks for enjoying my poem.

Suko said...

Very profound poem, and the photos are quite striking! I think my Magpie (my very first) is simpler.

Margaret Bednar said...

Suko, I enjoyed your Magpie - very rhythmic. And I love the "profound" compliment. :)

Reflections said...

Love the depth, with just a hint of the rawness still there. The crazy 8's can be overwhelming at times, causing us to sound a little hopeless, even if it is truly only for brief moments. Thank you for sharing this.

Margaret Bednar said...

Reflections - your critique is lovely and I thank you. I'm glad you think there is a hint of rawness - it is hard to sound "fresh" with this age-old topic.