Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Following the Leader" Photograph

"Following the Leader"
The above photo definitely has "noise" (grainy) but the composition is perfect for the "Partially Seen in January" challenge hosted by Justine Gordon.  Macaws are such magnificent birds.


Ruth said...

The photos show the magnificence. How and why and wherefore, such a bird? It doesn't matter. But the complementary colors, the design of the feathers, the eye mask, the graduated crown from yellow-green to blue. Incredible.

Friko said...

Grainy or not, both photos are well worth posting.

as is the shot in the previous post, plus the poem.

lisa said...

Gorgeous blue and gold macaw!!!!
Love the photographs you captured!

Patty Ann said...

Love the colors and I even love the "noise". I think they are just beautiful.

Margaret Bednar said...

Ruth, I agree. Poetry on wings, so to speak. These birds flew over the crowd - it was awe inspiring.

Friko, Thank you. I wish I hadn't been so far back in the crowd, though. When we got up close, we were amazed at their clear intelligent gaze ... fixed right on us.

Lisa, Thank you. The colors just popped against the gray background, but I didn't really capture that here in the 3rd photo.

Patty Ann, Well, I'm not in love with the noise, but thank you. Maybe when I learn photoshop, a bit of a "wallpaper" or whatever it is called would work well with these Macaws. :)