Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Chewin' Cud"

Fresh organic milk
Sun bathin' and chewin' cud
Lucky dairy cows 

Lucky for a while at least - as long as their milk production stays high.  I loved this shot because not one cow is seen in it's entirety.  So, perfect for "Partially Seen in January".


Regina said...

Wow great capture!
Have a nice week ahead.

Olivia said...

Nice attempt :)

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Vagabonde said...

A great composition and nice colors. I read your poetry which I find very evocative. You have the ability to find the right picture. It is hard for me to find a poem and a picture to go with it and you, you write your own poems, congratulations.

Tess Kincaid said...

Cows are so friendly, don't you think. I get to see black angus on a regular basis, since OSU has its agricultural acreage right in the center of my town. It was once considered country, but the city grew around it.

Ginnie said...

That's downright fun, Margaret. I agree about the composition! :)

lisa said...

I love this!
Just a smiling "feel good" shot, and you know the first thing I noticed was the fact that not one is in its entirety! Makes it such a neat shot!

justine said...

this is such a great capture

Rosie said...

This is really so perfect for the "partially seen" theme - wonderfully spotted!

Margaret Bednar said...

Regina & Olivia - Thank you.

Vagabonde - Your compliment means more than you know. And I love the amazing efforts you put into your blog!

Tess - When we lived in Petoskey, MI, the first house we lived in backed up to a cow pasture. The lovely sounds of mooing and the sun setting on Lake Michigan (and a glass of wine) was TOTALLY relaxing. Yes, they are gentle creatures. ... too bad I just love a great steak fillet!

Ginnie - I love the compliment as you are a great photographer!

Lisa - Yes, you would notice it. You've got a great eye.

Justine - :) It is all due to your prompt!

Rosie - I thought so :) I don't think I would have ever shown it ... This "partially seen" challenge has made me take a whole knew look at my past photographs. (most have not been taken this month)