Friday, November 5, 2010

My Second Poem - Collectively We Soar

This is my photo and poetry entry for my In the Moment Challenge for November.  Poetry, Photography and Art of any kind, really is accepted.  I suppose the twist is inspiration is encouraged.  If a poem, a photo gives you an artistic idea, please use any entry for inspiration.  The owl photograph I submitted (previous post) was based off my daughters poem "What is Brown?"

The photo above is from the trip I just took to Walt Disney World, this was from the Animal Kingdom.  The poem below is very amateurish, but we all start somewhere!

Collectively we Soar

is rage
In debt, radical

is strenuous
Unexpected, dismal

is envious
Inexperienced, gullible

is cowardly
Offensive, dishonest

Solitary and separate
Wings clipped
Potential is cheated

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Together, creating compliments 
Displaying a multicolored banner
Possibilities soar


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh, I just love your parrots, Margaret. And your poem is wonderful, too.

willow said...

Hey, you're off to a wonderful start! Welcome to the world of poetry. Well done.

Patty Ann said...

Love the parrots. It looks like a wonderful vacation. Your poem is wonderful. don't worry about making anyone else happy except yourself. Some of my best work happens when I feel what I want it to say. Welcome to the wonderful world of art! I love music, poems, photography and painting. Someday, I might even be as good as you!

Rosie said...

This is really beautiful!