Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn...or Fall (My children's poem from 1999) 49 & 50/365

Autumn...or Fall

Apples picked, mmm
Cider and apple pie
Leaves changing to orange and red
Acorns and walnuts, dropping

Rolling, raking, jumping
Feeling the cool breeze
Cold noses, blowing noses
Lots of tissue wasted

Geese and ducks flying south
honking along the way
Squirrels gathering acorns
Fuzzy ponies galloping about

Sweatshirts, sweatpants, layers of clothes
Carving pumpkin faces and eating pumpkin seeds
Straw, flannel shirt  and daddy's old jeans
Hello, old friend Scarecrow!

Don't forget Trick or Treating
Shuffling along in the dark, heart beating
Rewarded with chocolate smiles and a warm fire
Autumn (or Fall), a treasure to our hearts

This is a poem my two oldest did when I home schooled.  We had so much fun and they loved poetry.  Chelsea loved to draw the pictures and Will did the reciting.  We even ventured to create a few of our own poems and the one above is an example.  Will has his own poetry blog now and is studying drama and Chelsea has an art blog and wants to go to school for the visual arts.  Go figure.  


Rosie said...

This is just wonderful! What talented children you have!

justine said...

I agree, serious talent! I do admire you home schooling!

Margaret Bednar said...

Justine, I am not homeschooling at the moment, haven't for a few years. But if then desire or need arose, I would. Probably will homeschool my youngest son through at least third grade. We will see. I was scared at first to try, but at times I thought it was easier than "putting" them in school. At least the evenings, for the most part, were "family time" and not homework...

Evelyn S. said...

Beautiful poetry.... beautiful photography. I didn't know where to 'find' you so I could thank you for visiting my blog and leaving positive comments. I sincerely appreciate the time you take.

Margaret Bednar said...

Evelyn, you're welcome! This is where I prefer to be contacted... my email is more for business, school, etc. I have more fun checking my blogs than email anyway. ;)