Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Magical Kingdom 57/365

"The Luncheon"
What a beautiful location this was (& my selection for next weeks - I missed the deadline today - Weekend Reflection) to sit and relax for a few precious minutes before the kids whisked us away to continue our mad dash through the "Magical Kingdom".  Within our view from the cafe was the very magical castle that I, as a child, watched flash on the TV screen every Sunday evening, (along with Tinkerbell) "The Wonderful World of Disney".

"The Castle Oct. 2010, Traditional View"
"Up Close and Personal"
"My Favorite View"
I was surprised how narrow the castle is.  I did get a few shots of the beautiful mosaics depicting the story of Cinderella that grace the inside walls. The following are details of larger pieces.


The photo above is my submission for "Art Happens In the Moment" challenge for December.  The challenge word is "Triumphant".  Who do you think felt most like rejoicing?  Cinderella or the Prince?  The reason I feel this photo qualifies for "in-the-moment" is I was lucky to get any photos at all of these mosaics... The crowds at Disney can be like "waves" and we were pushed along and swept through this castle "tunnel".  I had to raise my arms high and snap away.  That is why a few are blurry.

We spent our day keeping a close eye on the kids and enjoying their excitement.  We met many characters along our way.

"Cinderella Recognizes a Princess"
"Spent an Hour in Line to Meet Her"
"No Sword in the Stone Success,
But Mistaken for TinkerBell!"
"Finally saw the Illusive Peter Pan"
"Puff Enthralled the Little Ones"
"America Proudly Displayed"
The Magic of the Kingdom lasted until Midnight.  We thought that was fitting and my husband and I collapsed that night knowing we would never have to do it again.   We were blessed with wonderful weather and kids that held up the entire day without getting cranky.  I can't say the same for myself, but there really is no need to elaborate on that.  


Ginnie said...

I had no clue about the mosaics inside the castle, Margaret, so thanks for showing them. All the tiredness is surely feorgotten by now, after seeing all your wonderful images to document such a memory.

Carol Blackburn said...

Fabulous pictures, Margaret. Looks like lots of fun. And, oh......I want to live in that castle.

Rosie said...

What a beautiful arrangement of photos! I love them!! Those different angles on the castle are amazing! And thanks so much for your nice welcome back at my blog!

Margaret Bednar said...

Ginnie, Tiredness, like labor pain, is soon forgotten. The castle is a bit of a "gateway" into WDW and I lingered so long at the mosaics I think my kids were ready to abandon me.

Carol, I don't know about live, but there was a pretty nice restaurant inside an we were unable to secure reservations... they book up 3 months in advance!

Rosie, I have never seen the angle with the stream - I had tried to get a better reflection than what I got but my kids needed to "move on"!

Kerri said...

Oh what FUN!

Clytie said...

Beautiful. What wonderful memories - My fave is "mistaken for Tinkerbell"!

Margaret Bednar said...

Kerri, It was fun, thanks!

Clytle, When she was little it was Cindy Lou Who, but now it is Tink. :)

maggieisfiercefamineuncontrolledbeatch said...

необычайно красиво, дети тоже забавно получились)