Monday, November 15, 2010

"Pretty in Pink", 58/365

"Pretty in Pink"

I took this macro at the "Magic Kingdom". Goes to show there are a few things that aren't man-made that shine at Walt Disney World as well!  I submitted this for the Macro Monday Challenge


justine said...

oh how lovely!

forgetmenot said...

Margaret, Another group of beautiful photos! How creative you are. I wanted to thank you for the nice comments on my post--makes me feel really good. I wish I could take credit for the quotes, but no,they come from people far more literate than I. People can say the most amazing things in the most amazing ways. I have had fun hastily writing hiaku poems for my pictures though.

Rachel said...

this is fantastic! the cropped in look composed perfectly with the middle seed thingys!

Rosie said...

Such a gorgeous macro - stunning!

Margaret Bednar said...

Justine, right back at you! Your blog is a HUGE inspiration for me. As well as a place to "borrow" ideas.

Forgetmenot, a hiaku poem is not easy, and it just goes to show how creative you are as I see many that are just wonderfully written. Thank you for your admiration of my photography.

Rachel, Thank you. I quickly snapped this photo while I was being pulled all around Disney World. Not bad for a Macro and someone tugging at my arm.

Rosie, Glad you like it! I almost didn't post it as I wasn't sure about the composition. I rotated it a number of times.

Bom said...

Very nice hibiscus! It looks so vibrant.