Thursday, October 7, 2010

28/365 "The White Horse"

"The White Horse"
The White Fence & Horse

This scene in our neighborhood never ceases to amaze me.  I have photographed it a number of times.  I would love to paint this using soft blues for the shadows.  I played with Photo Shop a bit in order to create a bit of a blue hue on the bottom photo.  I know both are a bit overexposed, but I am shooting these mid morning and I like the glow it gives the white horse.  Some day I will have time to get out earlier, take my camera off auto, and learn the computer tricks.  Some day isn't here yet.  

I followed the suggestions of fellow bloggers and created a black & white version of both.  It really does look great.  Thanks!


justine said...

this is lovely, have you tried black and white? that would be stunning too.

Patty Ann said...

I love the idea of using the soft blues. I think if you used these pictures to paint it, the painting would not be overexposed and the extra light would help you get the look you need. I have always found that sometimes it helps to use overexposed pictures to paint from. It makes the outlines so much clearer. Love the white horse and the fence. You should try it in black and white. You can color tint it with the blue. It might be fun.

justine said...

In answer to your question about shooting in black and white, I tend to shoot in colour and then change it in lightroom (I don't have photoshop), I chop and change my pictures and try to work out whether a picture looks better in black and white or colour. Textures and shapes look great in black and white and this horse and the fence would be a great impact. I use my 60mm f2.8 for intricate work as it's such a great macro. Hope the above helps.

Margaret Bednar said...

Thanks, Patty Ann & Justine. My rudimentary skills in PhotoShop are pretty basic. But I do like the horse in b&w. Thanks!