Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poetry, by William R. Bednar

An Earth Poem
Sun, take me.
Earth, do let me rest
Or seep into your soil,
Your healing breast.

My son writes quite a bit of poetry.  Above is one of his few "pithy" ones.  This may be a stretch, but I am submitting it to the new monthly art challenge "In the Moment".  It is a challenge open to poetry, art, and photography.  If one reads a  poem from the blog and is inspired to paint a picture from it, that is also encouraged.  To find out more, please check it out.  The challenge word for this month is "labor".

As a young girl I often felt this way baling hay under the hot summer sun.  We always seemed to be in a  race to beat the storm clouds that were hovering on the horizon.  My sisters and I worked all day and ended our day with calloused hands and itched all over.  Oh, how we wished for brothers! ;)

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Patty Ann said...

I could so see this as a painting with a boy resting in the wheat field. I wish I could paint people. This would be an amazing picture to try for.