Tuesday, November 27, 2018



It’s the lull between the flame and the last ember,
the quiet of the buttercream sky before the blazing sun sinks low.
the spark in your eye before the laughter.

As a child we’d slip on our coats not bothering to button,
slip into Dad’s boots, trudge quickly toward woodshed
through shovel-wide snow path, 
collect tinder we’d gathered since spring,
rosy cheeked, return, feed wood-burning stove,
jockey for position beside cats and dogs.
Mesmerized we’d watch the flames take off, 
roar and snap as Dad loaded the logs, 
added paper for our oohs and awes.
We felt safe, happiness being together,
warm, popcorn and cider a treat, 
tossing a kernel or two to dislodge the dogs.

When I parade myself along the shore, 
watch the luminous sky combust and spread it’s glow 
along the horizon devouring sky’s blues and whites,
I feel a warmth akin to my fireside idles; my heart swells, 
feels twice as large, seemingly the cause for the tears 
that balance precariously but rarely spill.  
Happy tears, not sad, they fill me up
and, like the fireside embers,
kindle a well-being 

that rivals only the flicker of laughter
I spy in your eyes as you respond
to something I say, something I do,
an all consuming love that leaves me rosy cheeked,
grateful for the fire that still burns.

by Margaret Bednar, November 27, 2018


Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

You amaze me, Margaret. This is chock full of beautiful imagery and vivid memories that are still available to us if we look for them. Comforting. Thank you. (via my defunct google page)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is truly beautiful, Margaret. I love those happy tears, and the gratitude.

V J Knutson said...

Your poem glows with the warmth of nostalgia.

ms_lili said...

Such a poignant reflection of past and present.

Dwight L. Roth said...

Very great story in your poem.

Gina Gallyot said...

beautiful story telling with words that speak of fire and its warmth, of memories that are so cherished it only takes a spark to bring all the feelings to the surface, i really enjoyed this

Kim Russell said...

Oh, the peace and comfort of the opening lines! I love the familiar flame and last ember, and the way they lead to memories of childhood, especially slipping on Dad’s boots to collect tinder. We have two wood-burning stoves in our house and, although it can be tedious for some people, I enjoy the ritual of twisting newspaper, piling on the kindling and lighting it! And what a segue from fireside to beachside and the combusting sky and back again to the cosy romance of the first lines!

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the thought that happy tears fill one up.

brudberg said...

I love the comfort of your two sides... the wonderful fireplace memories and the fire in the sky... you reminded me of when we had fire and I used to watch for shapes inside the fire... I could see faces and fire faeries...

Kate Mia said...

Communal Fire
iN Gratitude
Makes Us Human..:)

lynn__ said...

Fabulous musing...enjoyed the read!