Monday, September 11, 2017

The State Fair

The State Fair

I inhale the aroma
of deep fried pastries with powdered sugar
Brahman bulls, pigmy goats, horses,
occasional whiff of weed ...

Young son's initiation:  cotton candy,
dragon tattoo, first carnival ride - arms outstretched,
swinging precariously overhead, laughing ...

make our escape - stroll amongst quilts,
painted, and woven until his new-found addiction

finds us amongst noise and confusion once again,
I with sideways glances at pimple faced youth
awkwardly flirting, holding hands, giggling
(a faint memory tickles the back of my brain...)

and my young son wired on sugar and temptation:
over-sized stuffed toys and roller-coaster rides
which I forbid.  Point him towards the bumper cars

and carousel - perhaps this will be the last year
he allows me to publicly kiss his cheek
as he climbs upon the lion's back...

by Margaret Bednar, September 11, 2017


Martin Kloess said...

Thank you so much. This took me back to me back to those days my family enjoyed our state fair.

Timoteo said...

Wired on sugar and temptation...I remember those days like it was yesterday. Oh, it WAS yesterday!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This was an absolute delight to read, Margaret!❤️ Thank you for sharing :)

Toni Spencer said...

My husband still enjoy the fair - he always opts for those horrible sausage green pepper and onion sammies....This is a fun poem. I hope your son never stops letting you kiss his cheek. I liked this trip to the Fair so very much!

brudberg said...

Bless the time when children can play... we need more fairs to find the child inside I think

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh, you took me there. So poignant, the thought that soon kisses in public will be no more......they grow so fast!

De said...

So sweet. The sights, the sounds, the tastes. And a mama's (soon somewhat embarrassing) love. :)

Old Egg said...

As I read this the metallic sound of carnival music started playing in my ears. What a fabulous poem it is bringing back memories of trying to escape the parents and do it all on my own.

Outlawyer said...

He is simply adorable! And sweet poem. k .

Marian said...

Dig that tattoo! And oh, your conclusion... right there with you. This fall we have already (uncharacteristically) made so many plans of great things to do with our two, because... who knows how much longer they'll put up with hanging out with mom & dad. Ahhhhh. :(