Monday, September 11, 2017

"State of Mind"

A State of Mind

I'm a midwestern girl 
raised on flat prairie land
of endless cornfields 
and deadly spring river-risings 

now call the Blue Ridge home 
whose size once rivaled the Alps.
Kick stones over the edge; 
watch them free-fall tumultuously

like the 9-11 victims "escaping" the flames...

by Margaret Bednar, September 11, 2017

Bizarre state of mind today - have watched a number of mind numbing and stomach turning videos of 9/11... can't stop thinking the 200 plus people who jumped to their deaths...  So many awful ways to die... and we've certainly been seeing many of them lately - earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes... all within a couple of weeks.   


De said...

Love your title, especially.
I grew up in Ohio, and then eventually moved out west, to southern Nevada. Such a different state of mind, for sure. ;)

Frank Hubeny said...

Just about anything free-falling could stand for those who jumped, but being high enough might help one sense what jumping must have felt like.

brudberg said...

Oh, that contrast between the mountain to the free falling of the ones who jumped at 9/11 some days our associations jump like that

Kim Russell said...

I love the contrast of your gorgeous description of the 'flat prairie land
of endless cornfields' and the 'deadly spring river-risings' where stones 'free-fall tumultuously', crowned by the final tragic line.

annell said...

Loved reading your write!!

Martin Kloess said...

Very deep and well written.

Arcadia M said...

Wow. The contrast between peaceful mountains and the terror of the Twin Towers really tied this quadrille together. Well done.

Truedessa said...

We certainly have been seeing a changing world. I too thought of those gone from 911. I remember that day so well.