Sunday, November 1, 2015

"What to Wear"

What to Wear?

Year 'round I wear
crucified Jesus about my neck

but come All Hallow's Eve

I might be Lazarus wound in white gauze,
Padre Pio, black eyed, palms stigamta'd,
St Sebastian, body plundered with arrows,
St Agatha, bloody breasts on a plate.

Wisely avoid "sexy" Mother Teresa,
... Some things are just too horrifying. 

By Margaret Bednar, November 1, 2105

Miranda Sings & Dracula

Miss Piggy

(All pumpkins my children's original designs)

Fall Leaf & NYC skyline

Puking Pumpkin

"Miranda Sings" Pumpkin!

Hallow means Saint. Who says Catholics can't do guts and gore with the best of them. When my kids were young, I did dress them as saints a few times (not the blood and gore I noted above, but perhaps I should have!)

Googling costume ideas for this year, I saw a Mother Teresa with a short, tight dress with lots of cleavage.  I would be so afraid lightening would strike me!  Ha. 

We had fun this year. My youngest was Dracula, and my oldest a skeleton in NYC.  

This is linked with "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Flash 55."   My internet connection is mainly not working at my house and I will be hit and miss until we can have the cable company come and work its magic. Trying to do everything from my cell phone is not ideal. 


Jim said...

I'm stii smiling, Margaret.😇 😎 😋
Somehow a .'sexy-Mother Theresa seems to me as an oxymoron.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Some costumes are too horrifying indeed...

brudberg said...

Ha, a sexy mother Theresa sounds like quite an interesting costume... :-) I loved the puking pumpkin..

Marian said...

Please tell me sexy Mother Teresa is not a thing.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love those pumpkins! The puking one is my favourite! For everything there is a season, and one too, for the fun side of Halloween.

Other Mary said...

Haha - yes, Catholics can do gore! My favorite was always St. Lucy with her eyeballs on a plate in my Children's Book of Saints.

Gillena Cox said...

LOL; nice write
luv the pumpkins

much love...

Mama Zen said...

Love this! I've got to do a puking pumpkin next year.

Buddah Moskowitz said...


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Sounds like fun! (And yes, sexy Mother T would be a travesty.)

Outlawyer said...

Great great pumpkins! Fun poem too-- I agrree with you that sexy mother Teresa is just too strange. Beautiful children. K.

Jennifer Wagner said...

Ha! Yikes. Fun pics. My kids don't tend toward scary typically. This year: Abe Lincoln, a "cool" baseball player, a super banana with cape, and Robinson Cano. Great to read you Margaret. Hope your move is going well!