Friday, November 6, 2015

"The Escape"

"Imagine a Photo of the most handsome 17 year old boy in the world"

The Escape

School girl eyes

once pledged life long adoration,
whitewashed him perfect;

forgave sideways glances
toward popular girls -

after all his eyes caressed my shoulder first
as I sat between him and them.

He learned my name come May;
I lived joy all summer  -

the way it rolled off his tongue, the way
he leaned towards me.  Smiled.  The way
I imagined a sexy wink...

Thank God high school ends.
Sometimes, somehow a girl wises up.

The rest isn't poetic;

epic heartache, pillow drenching tears,
the almost purging of him from my brain.

Celebrate to this day
I was never mouse to his cat.

by Margaret Bednar, November 6, 2015

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Isadora Gruye said...

The one who gets away sometimes is the one best forgotten! Love this poem and how you paint the longing of the narrator as a young girl. It contrasts nicely with the wisdom in the those last lines. Thanks for posting to the Out of Standard and viva la!

Susie Clevenger said...

This reminds me of a Garth Brooks song...Thank God For Unanswered Prayers.

brudberg said...

Sometimes a heart broken early mends better...and he probably grew fat and bald.

Fireblossom said...

Sometimes we win when we lose, even though it may not feel that way at all, at first!

Carol Campbell said...

You took us through the emotions of this wonderfully!

Amelia Flynn Noble Stein-Wilson said...

there is always a way out,
no absolute loss, no absolute win.

Helen said...

Oh Margaret,
Right to the heart of things, as usual.

Happy Sunday!

Jennifer Wagner said...

"Thank God high school ends." Amen to that! This one made me smile!

grapeling said...

hmmm. celebrate? he's still knocking around your noggin! ~

Margaret said...

Very astute, Grapeling :)