Sunday, August 24, 2014



Ocean's tide
faithfully recedes,
sand ebbs beneath my feet -

arms raise, palms flat,
press sun kissed waves
to horizon's edge

undecided if I can -
even want -
to save this world.

Mere slip of a girl am I,
full of laughter, dreams,
bedtime stories

of heroes, heroines,
wicked slain,
riches shared with the poor.

What will happen
if I lower my hands -
will floods surge forth?

Will I ride seahorses
in deep's blue depths,
seaweed entwined in my hair?

Become a mermaid
unable to sing her siren song
as all mankind is dead?

Far easier
to deny inheritable burdens,
let struggle slip away

but youth believes
mazes solvable, impossible attainable -
in arms forever strong.

by Margaret Bednar, August 24, 2014

This is for "Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Play it Again, Toads!" I chose the archived challenge "Jorge Luis Borges - become lost in the maze of language, magic, and endless possibilities".

Borges wrote "The Garden of Forking Paths" with can be read HERE.   My poem is nothing like his writing - but this is what I spent an hour on (a lot of erasing) so I will put my effort forth…


Björn Rudberg said...

This is a wonderful poem filled with hope - I think keeping your hands raised is the best we can do - and I would love for you to ride a sea-horse.

Sumana Roy said...

Belief is the power and light to lead one through the maze of life... another wonderful poem :)

kaykuala said...

but youth believes
mazes solvable, impossible attainable -
in arms forever strong.

A great close Marge! That is true! Only when one is at one's prime that lots of things can happen and can be accomplished!


Grace said...

I love it when children believe they have strong arms, and have dreams to solve the struggles of our wicked world ~ I am all for encouragement and support ~ Thanks for the lovely pictures and challenge Margaret ~

Susan said...

It is sad that what is known as "maturity" loses hope. "The arms of the young" for me, now, is anyone who can still hold them up and feel the horizon, tho I think some of us who are physically aged hold that horizon vividly with our spirit. Thus you see the stillness of us Atlases of the world! My dear Margaret, thank you for your comment on my poem--and this prompt. The difference you see is not in our use of the abstract, but academic vs. experience. Truly. I love love LOVE your poem.

Anonymous said...

"Far easier
to deny inheritable burdens,
let struggle slip away"


Kerry O'Connor said...

I love how you interpreted the picture, beyond what is seen to what remains unseen of the young girl's spirit.

Marian said...

oohhhh... yes.

Bodhirose said...

This led me to think of my little granddaughter, not quite two yet, and I shudder to think that she would even dream of trying to save the world...too heavy a burden for sure. But if we all joined in with raising our strong arms...perhaps we could manage it. I love the hope in spite of...

Jim said...

O Margaret, this is sooo nice! I love all the words, just ooze out. And I didn't have to Google any either, just nice common words.

No, we (most of us) outgrow our happy magical thoughts and dreams. There may be a day when that all comes back.
We won't be knowing then that it can't work.

Susie Clevenger said...

If we could only hold on to that invincible hope of youth. This is the perfect voice for your photo.

R.K. Garon said...

Well done.

Loredana Donovan said...

Margaret, I love the last stanza ~ we should never give up our childhood dreams ~ if the world could be seen through the eyes of a child, how much hope & wonder it would sustain. Lovely poem :)

Anne Payne said...

Beautiful image and verse!

Hannah said...

I love the feeling of, "sand ebbs beneath my feet," when you stand in one sandy spot long enough. Beautiful poem, Margaret and thank you for the challenge!