Friday, November 8, 2013

"Margaret -ism"

Margaret "ism"

Margaret is woken by rain,
is a rare breed who believes in truth
over all other considerations,

is a rare thing among saints, is clear
in her aims, is a woman on the right -
is no stranger to empowering the future.

is a dedicated mother to her children,
in addition, is a wonderful mother
to her two cats.

Margaret is skilled at getting her voice
across to a wide audience,

is presented with a bouquet of
"is wonderful".   Is alive, is happy
to belong.

Margaret is in the room.

Margaret Bednar, November 8, 2013

This is my second Margaret poem, this time using "Googlism"  I had not understood the difference between this and "Google" when I did my first Margaret (post below.

HERE is the Googlism page for Margaret (if you are interested)  Disclaimer:  I refused to type in "Margaret is fat"  :)

This is for dVerse where the exercise is to "Google" a topic and create a "list poem" of information.  I googled my name.  I hope this is what Samuel Peralta had in mind.  Check out the challenge "dVerse Form for All - List Poems and the poetic Heart of Google".


Brian Miller said...

is wonderful is alive...of course she is...i think some of these nailed you nicely...smiles. a rare breed as well...smiles...surely.


Grace said...

She is lovely and happy woman ~ You got the challenge, smiles ~ Happy weekend ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"I refused to type in Margaret is fat" made me laugh out loud. This is fun. I went back and typed in my name and the results are a total hoot.

Björn said...

Ha. love this.. yes you got some nice lines here

Anonymous said...

yes, you are in the room :)

Poet Laundry said...

I suppose you could have changed the "f" in fat to "ph"? At any rate, I think Margaret is pretty cool, and so is this poem!

humbird said...

'Margaret is in the room' ~ I can feel it! Nice.

Anonymous said...

You again! Yes, the Googlisms are a better list to work from. Your poem sounds much happier about itself.

Anonymous said...

Margaret magic is vivi-fied every waking morning ! Blessings dear friend ~Faithfully Debbie

Jannie Funster said...

Margaret is fat?? :) :) The Goog-ligans are afoot on that.

A woman on the right and in the right -- not easy to be, but worth being as The Truth is the only thing there is.

Loving your words, your nice photo here and your new gravatar!


Ella said...

Margaret I love yours~
YOU look fab~

Semaphore said...

This is exactly what I had in mind! I did love both of your pieces, though. As you know, it's more difficult to do this with straight Google results, because you have to work harder to create poetry from those results - Googlism produces a more list-friendly progression. You do have the right to edit as you will, however, and that's the point! Beautiful work on this one!

Susan said...

Even before I "knew" all this, it was reassuring to have Margaret in the house.

Jim said...

I love it Margaret. I found out soooo much of what you like, rather what Google thinks you 'is'. A famous man once said it all depends on the meaning of the work, "is".

For me, you started out with best. Rain does not waken me though.

I did this a long time ago, it might be in draft. A search for the word "is" over eight years worth of blogs would be a life time project. I remember that I had to Google "Jim is" with the quotation marks to make it interesting.

janaki nagaraj said...

Nice to know YOU. :)