Saturday, July 13, 2013

IGWRT's - Beautiful Mother "Wendy"

Peter came back for Wendy, but she's now a mother.  It is Jane's turn.
My son, Will as Peter Pan (2005!)

She soared toward the second star,
veered right, free-fell for a season
before jealous maiden, Time, swooped in,
snatched away fancy, moonlight, adolescence.
Threw them like pixie-dust into shadows, unretrievable,

yet remembered,

her voice floating lyrical with stories of thimbles, 
marbles, fairies, planting happy thoughts
in dearest daughter's heart of mermaid lagoons, 
pirate caves, Indian braves, a boy's beautiful smile,
while gazing toward her land of nevermore.

by Margaret Bednar, July 13, 2013

This is for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Beautiful Mother.

The prompt mentions a new play, "Peter Panties" a "radical re-imagining" - a new way of looking at our differences.  I tried to google and see HOW the play portrays this, but wasn't successful.  I must confess, I'm a bit "protective" of this classic story - don't think it ever needs tampering with. :)

Perhaps my poem does not reflect the true nature of the prompt, but it did bring on my thoughts on Wendy, so I went with it.   Wendy had to grow up as that is the way of motherhood...

Peter Pan has a special place in my heart as in 2005 my son portrayed Peter Pan and my daughters were the brother, Michael, Fairy, Mermaid, Indian...

One of my daughters as a mermaid
Great memories... the cast of Peter Pan 2005.


Kerry O'Connor said...

Peter Pan is a story very near and dear to my heart too. How wonderful that your children got a chance to be a part of the magic.

LaTonya Baldwin said...

The first strophe is magic and the second is a loving memory shared. I don't know much about the play but I know I like your take on the challenge.

Marian said...

i love this. i too have a strong connection to the story, and have shared it with my kids. i have a vague memory of playing Peter Pan in some performance as a kid. how wonderful that you have (took) these great photos. love it.

Marian said...

p.s. there is absolutely no right or wrong with my prompts, just saying!

Susie Clevenger said...

How wonderful to write of something so close to your heart...Your poem is a treasure as are the memories made and new ones to come.