Tuesday, October 30, 2012

IGWRT's - Open Link Monday, "Void"

by William Bednar

Snip, Snap, Clippity Clap
He hides beneath your bed.
Snip, Snap, Clippity Clap
And gets inside your head.

Shreek, Shrack, Click and a Clack
He knows you're all alone.
Shreek, Shrack,  Click and a Clack
He chills you to the bone.

This beast that's made of emptiness
And eats away your dreams,
He'll chip away your friendliness
And muffle all your screams.

Tip, Tap, Mouse in a Trap
He comes when you're alone
Tip, Tap, Mouse in a Trap
And feeds on the unknown.

Snick, Snack, Clickity Clack
He gets inside your head.
Snick, Snack, Clickity Clack
His breath fills you with dread.

This beast that's made of emptiness
And eats away your dreams,
He'll chip away your friendliness
And muffle all your screams.

Snip, Snap, Mouse in a Trap
He feeds on words unsaid.
Snip, Snap, Mouse in a Trap
He'll stop when you are dead.

Shrick, Shrack, Click and a Clack
Trip, Trap, Clippity Clap
Snip, Snap, Mouse in a Trap
Snip, Snap, Mouse in a Trap

I am sharing this poem written by my son with Imaginary Garden With Real Toads "Open Link Monday".  I've had a nightmare of my own lately, with two sick (and I mean sick) kids for five days... I hope no more catch the "bug".  And they are only worried they won't be better by Halloween night!  :)

Also shared at the AWESOME "dVerse Poet's Pub - Open Link Night"



Green Speck said...

Wonderful beats ... loved it :-)

Jinksy said...

Things inside the head are always worse than things in the room! :)

Lisa Gordon said...

This poem is wonderful Margaret (so nicely done, William!!!), and this image is perfect for it.

I sure do hope your children are all better soon, Margaret. It surely does seem to be the season for folks getting sick. :-(


G-Man said...


Don't breathe on anybody!!!

Brian Miller said...

ha i love all the sounds...i am a nut for for sounds....and bump in the night can be anything too when the imagination runs rampant....

hope you are feeling better soon...

aprille said...

Talent for words runs in the family then.
This poem is not without genuine reality ghosts. Sorry to hear of your mini-home-hospital.
Let's hope the anticipation for tomorrow night will make them recover quicker.
And that you are in a nion-sandy zone.

Susan said...

LOVE this! My heart is beating wildly. Please tell your son. Let me also hold you and yours in the Light for healing and no more nightmares.

Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps from this write! Thanks for sharing,
Rod E. Kok

Ella said...

I thought it was your muse being disgruntled...that is how mine sounds! So sorry you have sick chicks! I hope they are better soon and no one else gets ill~
Take Care
I enjoyed this one...I can so relate!!!

Anonymous said...

Terrific - a new scissorhands - yikes. k.

Susie Clevenger said...

So sorry your kids are ill...there is always "things" that get stuck in your head and mess with reality.

missing moments said...

Totally enjoyed the rhythm of this ... great job William. And Margaret, hope all the children are well by now!

Adura Ojo said...

The rhythm and play on sounds is great. Your son has a great gift. Hope your kids are feeling better.

Claudia said...

great rhythm to it..i can imagine you "rapping" this for and with your kids...hope they are better soon and can enjoy halloween.. ;-)

Fireblossom said...

How cool is this? nd that picture...is that something you did, Margaret, or is that something you found? In any case, it's disorientingly appealing.

Sorry I haven't visited as much as I'd like, lately. Forgive, please?

Ginnie said...

Fabulous poem by your son. By now I hope everyone is well!