Sunday, July 15, 2012

IGWRT's - Mini Challlenge for Sunday - "Fate"

Would you like to hear me read my poem?

Check this out on Chirbit


Fate waves her fickle hand, discerning not
between one desirous or deserving
of a destiny, glorious.  'Tis wrought,
Time is, with stories of man, unnerving
and bold, rallying against her servings
sprinkled upon them.  They dare greed, rage, lust,
pain; their best bold endeavors!  Observing,
in the end, Fate's fancy cannot be crushed.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, July 15, 2012

This is my attempt to follow a challenge offered up by "Imaginary Garden with Real  Toads - A Mini Challenge for Sunday - A Monk's Tale".  We had a choice to do a Huitain form poem (8 lines, 10 syllables in each, rhyme scheme ababbcbc) also known as the "Monk's Stanza".   If we chose to do a free verse poem, it was to be on the topic of "The Monk's Tale".

So... I choose to do a Huitain with a bit of a commentary of the "Monk's Tale".  I scanned the whole long tale.  It seems it entails many grim, tragic tales, all of which deal with fate now and again.  Fate that doesn't always seem just....

I could be off on my quick analysis, but it I am, the poem above I did battle with rhyme and syllabic counting... not something that comes easy to me!  :)

The photo is one that I took at night and added a bit of "snow" to.  As beautiful and hardy as Black Eyed Susans are... if snow descends upon them, they will perish.  (kind of like the hand of fate* ... ?)

*  I am NOT a big believe in fate (we have no choice)... I do believe in destiny - if it means we do play a part in our final outcome... if we choose to use our gifts, we all have a purpose to fulfill.  The question is, will we choose the right path?  


TexWisGirl said...

your prose is so often above my brain's ability, but i really like your image and how you 'added' snow. :)

fate/destiny/choices = complicated life. :)

Margaret said...

TexWisGirl - Mine compared to many is very juvenile :) I too, struggle with reading the meaning of poetry. BUT I have become much better over the past year. I really think it is a learned process. I find it has made me a better puzzle/logic solver. It really is too bad that poetry is not taught as a class in school... :) Thanks, though for always reading anyway! You get a blue ribbon for that!

Fireblossom said...

This is poetry, girl! It doesn't show *at all* that you struggled with it, except that excellence like this requires it. It flows, leaping and diving in just the right places, full of life and passion, and leaving behind a keen observation about the random nature of favors.

I'd like also to say that your reading is really good! You know how to read a poem. You don't rush, you don't drone or chew the scenery. You read like Baby Bear's porridge--just right.

Teresa said...

That doesn't read like a struggle. Wonderful use of the form! I'm very impressed. The picture is also amazing!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I love the flow of these lines in the middle of the poem, as well as the style in which they have been written:

'Tis wrought,
Time is, with stories of man, unnerving
and bold, rallying against her servings
sprinkled upon them.

They create a solid core for your theme, and this little poem packs a lot of punch.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

This has a classic feel to it - extremely wonderful writing. Loved every line and the artistic photo is spectacular. I agree, fate does not seem just, in so many cases.

Hannah said...

Well you made it look easy, Margaret and you bring it to poignant life in your reading!! Such a great one to listen to...thank you!!

Gemma Wiseman said...

All those interesting thoughts gather for a grand finale in that last sentence! Fascinating ideas!

Ginnie said...

I really like how you have woven the Black-eyed Susans into this post, adding also your snow to make your point! Well done, Margaret.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Beautiful, Margaret! (I only wish I could have heard you read this poem; the sound on my computer doesn't work at all anymore, and I won't be getting a new one right away.) Loved your ideas - so well-expressed here!!!

Mama Zen said...

What a beautiful use of the form! I love the way this reads.

Mary Mansfield said...

I have to agree that this has such a classic feel to it. Hard to tell that you struggled at all with the rhyme and meter, it flows so naturally!

SaraV said...

Very nice! It has a wonderful flow to it and I love what you did with the black-eyed susans--gorgeous! I have a hard time with poetic forms, however, that is one of my goals this year to jump into that pool and swim :-)

Alice Audrey said...

But it's so much fun to fight fate.

Heaven said...

Love the fav lines are:

Time is, with stories of man, unnerving
and bold, rallying against her servings

Happy Friday ~

Brian Miller said...

smiles..i reject fate on some levels...on others i embrace it...i ave a hard time believing some things are fate....i think you did well with this margaret, your verse def has life to it....

Daniel LaFrance said...

Linear it is not, it is tightly woven yet lightly lyrical. interesting.