Friday, December 16, 2011

Poetry Jam "Preoccupied" and Old Salem, Continued


Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes, colors,
each radiant in their own way,

but instead of cherishing uniqueness within the frame,
demands are made for all to be the same.

With much "pane" the self is sealed within,
shutters firmly closed, diversity now unseen.

And yet, some are unsatisfied, preoccupied
with what is boarded up, declared "unclean", least it escape

and contaminate, unwilling to focus upon the reflected image
and rotting odor emanating from within themselves.

Margaret Bednar, Art Happens 365, December 16, 2011

* * * * *

This is linked up with Poetry Jam.  (this week's theme: occupy) This poem is NOT a reflection of Old Salem, but an overall feeling of what I think we humans are guilty of time and again throughout history... well, since the beginning of time! 

The images here are of some of the beautiful and simple windows of Old Salem.


Rosie said...

I love your window shots, Margaret! Gorgeous! And I also love your poem - it's so amazing what you do with words!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, exquisite. windows are intriguing, suggest possibility, vision, the connection between interior and exterior. you have takesn some beautiful photos, great color and composition, "framing"

Sheila Moore said...

Beautiful photos and a great message to your verse. I love old architecture

Peggy said...

Yes so much inside boarded up! As others have said, I too like the photos very much. Great clarity and color. I am wondering what kind of camera you use.

Helen said...

Tasty Jam from you! I could live behind any of those windows ....

Margaret said...

Peggy - A Canon T2i.

Thanks everyone. Old Salem is really quite small - really one main road. I really need to come back in the spring and keep an eye on their garden! I haven't really had the opportunity to eat hear yet, or shop. So I will be back. :)

Mary said...

yes, there does seem to be some amount of pressure for things to be all the same... You shared some beautiful photographs, which I enjoyed as well!

Enchanted Oak said...

Your windows metaphor and photos are delightful, and I think this line is absolutely brilliant:
"With much "pane" the self is sealed within,
shutters firmly closed, diversity now unseen."

Brian Miller said...

dang...strong voice...esp about halfway through...the boarding up...and what is within...i like much margaret...

Morning said...

amazing thoughts shared.

Morning said...

amazing thoughts shared.

Ginnie said...

I love how you have juxtaposed these images alongside your poem, Margaret!