Friday, March 25, 2011

Paintings that honor my photographs! and "Kisses" a poem by my daughter

These three delightfully small ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) were painted by Carol Blackburn.  She painted from my photographs and I so love them!  Her blog is "Limited Space Art Studio".  Click "HERE" to be transported.

Below is another painting that was done from one of my photographs.   I got permission to show it to you here, but Viviane's blog "Les Peintures De Viviane" is "HERE".

Really, I love when artists are inspired to paint from my photos.  Please, just ask!

I've had a very busy week juggling the kids school performances.  My son's at the University of North Carolina was AWESOME and this week and weekend I have been busy with my daughter's performance in Cinderella AS Cinderella.  Isn't that every young girls dream to sing those beautiful Rodgers and Hammerstein songs?

So, please forgive any delayed responses and visits.  I haven't had much internet time and don't think I will until Sunday evening.  I do plan on posting another Salsa recipe tomorrow, though!  So check back for that if you like salsa.

* * * * *

Below is a poem by my fifth grade daughter:

A Heart's Treasure

Kisses are sweet
They light up one's world
And calm you down.

Kisses are the world
They're a bandage;
Never rip it off.

Kisses mean: "Love You".
They are Happy and
Often full of joy.

Kisses also mean "Goodbye"
"Sorry" and "I'll miss you"
Yes, they are sometimes sad.

No matter what,
A kiss is a kiss
The heart's treasure.


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Wow, those are so cool, Margaret!

I wonder if Carol would like to paint any of my photographs? I've got a really nice one of two horses that I think would make a great painting.

Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks for the mention, Margaret...I am getting prepared for my first art show in August and boy it's a lot of planning and decision-making. Still trying to find the right canopy. I just ordered 20 frames from Frames USA and can't wait for them to arrive in about a week. I will have about 30-40 paintings on display/for sale at the show.

texwisgirl said...

that poem is so sweet... may she have many 'worlds' to treasure in the future...

and those painting are so beautiful! i'm partial to the red barn one!!!

Kala said...

I absolutely love the painting of the wisteria blooming along the water. So wonderful that you can inspire artists to do this beautiful work.

Kelly said...

ahhhh...I love your daughter's sweet! Also...the paintings are beautiful. You must love seeing another artist's vision of your photography! :-)

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I love the art. The pictures are so beautiful. I also love your daughter's poem. She has some budding talent!!

Mary Lou said...

What a poet! I love the part about the bandage. Love the ATCs also.
My son went to UNC also.
See you soon.

Jotter Girl said...

You've got a budding poet there! Very sweet.

Ginnie said...

Being with your kids is what's most important, Margaret, so we all understand. Your kids especially! They all are so gifted, just like their mother!