Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Abundant Love, another "triolet" poem, 160/365

Doesn't this have the feel of Easter?  So exciting to know Spring is just around the corner!

The above photo is for the "Creative Exchange".  Which is NOT about the perfect photo (as this one certainly is not) but about a feeling, a moment captured.  My kitty was enjoying smelling the flowers... I thought she was going to bat at them (see her paw?) but she behaved herself (for once).

I just read that if a cat ingests oriental lilies, it can lead to very serious consequences.  She hasn't nipped them yet, but I will shut these in my bathroom when I am not in the kitchen.  She hasn't paid them any attention since, but to be safe this will most likely be the last time I purchase oriental lilies.

Abundance is the prompt for the "March Challenge" and my mind went straight to my oriental lilies.  I thought I would try the poetry form "Triolet" again.  Please click HERE if you would like to know the detailed "rules" behind the madness.  However "simply" put:  eight lines in iambic meter (I did four stresses - iambic tetrameter - kind of like a heart beat) and the rhyming pattern is ABaAabAB.

Abundant Love

A pure and wholesome lasting love,
the oriental lilies' wish.
To honor beauty, my dear dove
A pure and wholesome lasting love.
I ask no more of God above:
abundant love, from my sweet Tish.
A pure and wholesome lasting love,
the oriental lilies' wish.

by Margaret Bednar, Art Happens, 3-8-11

I'm afraid I have about 100 more photos (and counting) of oriental lilies.  I read that the orange colored tips of the stamens should be removed as they stain the petals, clothes and furnishings.  I like them, but I did place them on my granite counter, so that helps.  I promise not to bore you with all of them, but I have a feeling I know what this week's theme will be!

The following photo is for "Movement in March".  It is one of the last decent archival shots of movement that I have.  I will have to get out and about with my camera and search for movement shots.  Of course, this was taken at Disney World (I'm never going back, and the memories are finally settling into a "happy" fog) ... doesn't she resemble a pink oriental lily?


gina said...

You certainly know how to capture the beauty of the lilies. Gorgeous!

lisa said...

Actually, I think your Kitty shot is quite perfect Margaret!
It is truly such a sweet shot, and is so perfect for The Creative Exchange! I am thinking that had you stopped to think about perfect exposure, etc., you would have missed this one, and it is definitely one not to be missed!

Thank you so much for sharing it today.


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh my, Margaret.....what a beautiful shot of your lillies. You know I've taken it and put it on my bulletin board for inspiration. Thanks again for being so generous with your photos.

Brian Miller said...

big smiles at your triolet...filled with a bit of hope and joy...sigh...beautiful shots too...

Mike Patrick said...

The beauty of your photography is equal that of your Triolet. It is such a pleasure to visit your site.

Anonymous said...

The Triolet was wonderful. With the combination of thoughts of Easter, lilies, and abundant love, I went to a divine spot!

izzy said...

Really enjoyed your photo's! I am soo anticipating spring! the poem is great too. thanks for visiting!

Margaret said...

Gina - practice and learning from my many mistakes is paying off a bit. Thank you.

Lisa - You are right. I love my Kitty's arch and she didn't stay that way long. And we all know you can NOT pose a cat. :)

Carol - Well, I would love for you to paint them. It is fun seeing it develop.

Brian - Hope & Joy - Triolet are supposed to be light and sing-songy, I think. Thank you.

Mike - Wow! What a compliment. :)

Cloakedmonk - I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Izzy - I smell hints of spring in the air here now and again. It is enjoying teasing us, I think. Thanks for the comment.

Vicki Lane said...

Such beautiful lilies! They are possiblly my favorite flowers. And the capture of the Disney princess and her ruffled legs is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I ALWAYS love my visits here - such a spirit lifter. Beautiful images and words woven well together. Thank you for the treat! ~becca

Sall's Country Life said...

Your lilies are gorgeous! My favorite flower and I want to be where your kitty is! Oh wait on the next shots I am that close! Thanks!

Morning said...

with faith, love is possible.
well done.

Reflections said...

Stunningly gorgeous lillies. Love the pics and the poetry.

Ruth said...

How lovely, Margaret. That first photo is absolutely stunning. It's just a frame of spring. How sweet your kitty is, smelling like that. What an image!

Thanks for the intro to the triolet, a sweet dancing form.

Pat said...

Gorgeous painterly shots of the lilies. Sweet kitty capture - I'm glad you pointed out their toxicity to cats. Lovely poem too!

Anonymous said...

What lovely images, especially the kitty... very well shot! =)

Margaret said...

Vicki - :) I am stunned by how beautiful the lilies smell.

Beccagivens - You are very kind for saying so many times! I truly appreciate it.

Sall's Country Life- I have more close ups over the next few days!

Reflections - Thank you!

Ruth - "A frame of spring". I like that. I'm sure you will have the triolet mastered immediately. But you already have a wonderful poetry voice that is so lilting and free...

Pat - thank you. Yes, I am so sad they are poisonous to cats because I really like them!

Tricia - Thank you for saying you like the photos.

Evelyn S. said...

Your lily macros are so good! You have the great depth of field that keeps everything important in focus.

Margaret said...

Evelyn - Well, I'm learning and I'm glad you like these. Unfortunately, I shoot everything on automatic still. Not even sure my camera has many manual settings...