Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magpie Tales #54 - "Scattered Pieces", Haiku - "I Write" 149/365

I have been sitting on numerous photos wanting to paint them.  I have a tendency to "over-fuss" a painting.  I have Photoshop CS5 and haven't really touched it... I am taking a Kim Klaussen computer class this March and I'm sure I will learn a lot (as many of you have attested!)  

But look how fun to "break down" the photo and use the revamped versions as a guide for a painting.  Now I'm not so intimidated.  The original photo I could have fixed, but I have decided to leave the sun glare in as I reminder how HOT and sunny the day was in Charleston, South Carolina.

The two old oak trees (is that what they are called) are from Magnolia Plantation.

I will keep you posted when I paint these and will direct you over to my art blog.  Wish me luck!
* * * * *
Now for my "Magpie #54.  

Photo Courtesy of Tess Kincaid of Willow Manor
Scattered Pieces

Distant is the melody
of our sweet duet.
Once upon a time
full of passion and devotion.
The strains of sweet love
haunt my days and nights.
Affection now slashed,
mutilated, willingly
by your once tender hands.
Pleading, your eyes beseech
for the puzzle to be
reassembled, restored.
I agonize and search
the corners of my heart, but
only scattered pieces remain.
My wavering melody no longer
harmonizes with yours.
The notes have scattered,
too fragile for repair.

© Margaret Bednar

* * * * *
And we are almost at the end of February and the
daily "Haiku Challenge".  The picture prompt for today is below:

Black & White, I write
My thoughts, experiences.
Does anyone care?

© Margaret Bednar

This does not reflect me - I read about a teenager who took her life; her diary was full of her loneliness.
* * * * *

The above photo is for "Patterns & Repetitions in February".  My daughters and I were intrigued by these colorful boxes - others were pink and purple.  We had our noses right up to the slots, until someone walking by told us they were bat houses.  Boy, did we JUMP back.  A while later, the person came jogging back and told us she had been misinformed - they were butterfly houses.  

And if you have the patience, one last thing.  I wrote my first children's verse over on my Creative Writing blog "Art Happens in Black & White" - it is for the adorable "Monday's Child" challenge hosted by "bkm".  


Bonnie said...

Oh yes - I would much prefer a butterfly to tickle my curious nose, than a bat!

Interesting treatments on your photos Margaret and a great idea to use them as painting guides.
I like the sun spot on the church - it adds dimension and interest.

Lovely flow to your poem.

Helen said...

This is a bonus ++ bonus post! The photos, haunting haiku and Magpie ~ all very nice. Restoring the puzzles of life = more difficult than restoring a rare painting.

gautami tripathy said...

What a great post! I am gonna look at the pictures again and again. And the poem is awesome!

scattered with the wind

Anonymous said...

Margaret - you continue to delight and amaze me ... thoroughly enjoying your creative photography and creativity with the might WORD ... onward, please!! Thank you for sharing ... becca

Jinksy said...

What a collection of delectables! Your computer paint-playing-thingy makes me drool! LOL :) And the Magpie poem is worth a tick an' all!

Mike Patrick said...

Loved your haiku. We live in a world with instant access: Telephones, cell phones, email, texting, facebook and blogs are at our fingertips. It is sad that so many of our children feel lonely. Perhaps it is a loving touch that is missing, but we cannot blame that on their lack of friends.

Everyday Goddess said...

so rich in amazing expressions. what a treat here.

Tess Kincaid said...

Sad and lovely Magpie.

Anonymous said...

yes, I care :)
I enjoyed your Haiku, well done!

Vicki Lane said...

Love those photos! And the poems -- you are a busy lady!

Debby said...

I can't wait to see the paintings! I love what you did with the photos. Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my recent blog post. And yes, right now I'm in Kim's Skinny Mini, and will also be in the March essentials class. It's so much fun! Today's lesson was banners, when you get a minute check out the new one on my snapshots blog. I'm blown away by the effect. So simple with her great textures. I look forward to seeing your efforts as well.

Someone is Special said...

of course many.. Nice one.. Loved it..

Someone is Special

Margaret said...

Bonnie - Thank you. A butterfly up close is preferable to a bat... I do remember watching a whole flock (?) bunch ... of bats fly out from under a bridge in Austin, TX. We looked up and they flew over our heads. Getting into our car, we noticed a ton of bat poop on our window shield and car... we had to have been pooped on too!

Helen, Guatami, Becca, Jinksy - I so appreciate your telling me your enjoyed my poem and photos. It spurs me on to keep on trying.

Mike Patrick - I agree - kids need their parents love and attention. I just feel horrible that teenagers often don't realize how "highschool" does not last one's entire life. It is a short bleep.

Goddess, Tess, Lynnaima, Vicky - Amazing, lovely, enjoyed ... Thank you for the kind words.

Debby - We can learn and gain inspiration from each other! :)

Someone - as always, thanks for hosting the challenge.

Kavita said...

Your magpie was so moving, Margaret... when a relationship gets strained, the once music now begins to sound like noise...
So well described in your poem, my dear...

Oh.. and your art work ROCKS!!!
Best wishes for everything, my friend...

Kristen Haskell said...

Your art is wonderful. I've been toying with the idea of taking a drawing class. I love to paint and I really think this will help me.

Your Magpie was very moving, as was your haiku.

The butterfly house is fascinating. I live in the flight path of the Monarchs. I think something like that in my yard this summer would be great.

Margaret said...

Krisen! I'm glad you think my artwork is wonderful... I always see something I could have done better... we are our own worst critics. By all means, drawing classes would be a great idea. I personally love drawing above painting any day. I love sketches and pen and ink drawings.

I think your phrase "In the flight path of the Monarchs" is a GREAT idea for a poem AND a drawing... !

Ginnie said...

A butterfly house? I have never heard of such a thing!

Margaret said...

Ginnie - yes! I want to park myself outside of them one fine warm day and sit with my camera. Wonder if I will see a lot flying around?

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Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

butterfly house, love the imagery.

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