Friday, February 25, 2011

Haiku, "Feelings"

The top three photos are for "Patterns & Repetitions in February"... (I'm cheating a bit!)  And longing for color, obviously!  These bright and beautiful flowers hail from Petoskey Michigan.  I took these photos before we moved in the summer of 2009.  The following is an excerpt from the web site:  Bay View is a unique summer destination since about 1877 with simple cottages.  Ten years later there were 125 cottages, a hotel and a chapel.  Actually, it began as a summer camp meeting for Michigan's Methodists to gather "for intellectual and scientific culture and the promotion of the cause of religion and morality."  It has always been ecumenical in spirit.  Please click HERE to read more.

One year we rented cottage for a week.  I think every cottage has a magnificent porch.  I plan on going back this summer and taking photos of all the porches!  This is also where I took my watercolor classes under the huge trees and views of Lake Michigan from artist Catherine Carey.

It was truly how summer should be.  My kids road their bikes to summer day camp (outdoor recreation sports and crafts) in the morning and then took swimming lessons after lunch in Lake Michigan.  The younger children enjoyed a warmer small in-ground pool for young children.  They played and took beginning swimming lesson there.  A photographer from the local newspaper came and snapped away and selected my daughter to grace the cover of Petoskey's "The Guide" for the entire summer of 2007.  Doesn't her face radiate joy?

Photo is a copy of The Guide, A publication of Petoskey News-Review
HERE is Winter's 2011 "The Guide".  Soon it will be updated for the upcoming spring and summer season.  If you are ever interested in visiting beautiful Petoskey or Bay View, this website is a wonderful reference.

The following photo is for "Weekend Reflections #75". There are so many creative shots in this challenge - I am especially impressed with the hosts reflection this week - truly unique and inspiring.  Do yourself a favor and take a look.  My submission is another archival shot of Lake Michigan, but I thought it went well with my mood!

* * * * *

And the monthly Haiku Challenge for February is winding down.  Here are Friday - Sunday's poems.  I will return each day and add the day's poems.

Tumultuous cloud 
of distorted feelings.
 Emotional haze

by Margaret Bednar, 02/25/11
for February's "Haiku Challenge"
Word Prompt:  Haze

* * * * *

Saturday's Photo Prompt:  

Photo Courtesy of The Haiku Challenge

Verdant youth, dream-filled
Zeal, zest and verve undaunted
Life boldly pursued

by Margaret Bednar, 02/26/11
for February's Haiku Challenge
(zeal = interest, zest = enjoyment, verve = energy)

* * * * *

Sunday's Word Prompt:  Eternity

A sweet ride, her "need"
Father's eternal response:
"Absolutely not!"

by Margaret Bednar
for the"Haiku Challenge"

This is taken up in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway.
She only got to sit behind the wheel.


Rosie said...

An amazing post, again, Margaret - I love it! Those flower shots are fantastic! I think we all want (and need) colour...! :-)

Carol Blackburn said...

Such beautiful shots, Margaret. Emotional haze.....hmmmm, is that what my head looks like at 3 a.m. on a work night? I know it feels that way......sometime.

Anonymous said...

Great photography! ...

As well as Tumultuous cloud ... image paired with it - bravo! Hopefully, though, it was not a self portrait shot ;-)

Thanks for sharing ~becca~

Jingle said...

eye opening,
love love the nature/flower shots on top.
your Haikus are simply perfect.

Kay L. Davies said...

A delightful photo for Weekend Reflections!
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

J Bar said...

Wonderful reflection shot at the beach.

Martha Z said...

Your flowers remind me that spring is on its way though tonight we may have a hard freeze, not good as the fruit trees are in bloom.
I like the refelection on the wet sand.

Someone is Special said...

You always surprise me with your pics and words.. Loved it.. Please visit this page for the grand Celebrations, it starts here

Someone is Special

Pat Tillett said...

Wow! A great post from start to finish!
The lily in the first photo is so beautiful...
Patrick Tillett, Extremely Overdue

Mike Patrick said...

I have such a difficult time leaving your blog. The view is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

" ... Zeal, zest and verve undaunted ..."

Awesome take on the prompt ~~ becca

Cloaked Monk said...

re: eternal

Ack! My daughter just turned 15. Her mother's eternal response is this also! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

totally rocking pieces but the best for me was the flying one, the wording was just awesome, touched my heart ... thank you :)

lisaschaos said...

I was thinking your side of Lake Michigan must be much nicer than my side until I read it was archives, lol. This it's still pretty frozen here. :) And the flowers - ah the sweet smell of spring!

Jingle Poetry said...

wow, rocking entry..

come join us.

Ginnie said...

HAHA about the last image. Sitting behind the wheel but getting a pic of her doing it! I love the darling image of your son and his reflection. So sweet. Always so much to see here in your posts, Margaret.

Someone is Special said...

Loved it ARt.. Thanks for the smiles for the past 27 days..

Someone is Special

Margaret said...

Thank you all for the praise. I enjoyed your blogs, finally! I've been busy doing spring cleaning (well, to this northerner, a North Carolina February feels like spring) and decluttering. But it was very nice to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy your creativity. Thank you!